1. Much better picture Rich ,it was really blurry when you filmed earlier ,i dont think u were aware at first ! Great filming now tho !🙏🙏🙏 Thanks for taking us with you to this Cannabis convention !

  2. true legalization was failed by Trudeau it was created for his ex cop politician scumbag greedy immoral jerks..supporting lp people and their products is deplorable when greed trumps peoples rights,it makes no sense what so ever disgusted at what Trudeaus done..and a constant disaster when dealing with aboriginal issues…. not a proud canadian

  3. Bishop Coulbeck can be reach on Face book @ MARIJUANA PARTY OF CANADA PLEASE understand or plight We need your help Meanwhile, all dispensaries in Canada have been ordered by the government to close, and remain shut, until they receive all levels of permission (building owner, municipal, provincial, federal, etc). This will take years in most cases. Any dispensary that sells without all licenses and inspections will never be welcomed into the legal system, threatened Bill Blair. He's the person Trudeau put in charge of legalization So to PROTECT yourself from the government that gave the OK to access a CLASS A NARCOTIC, for recreational uses & then ARREST you Please Join the MARIJUANA PARTY OF CANADA BY Bishop Coulbeck. thank you.

  4. Hello Rich – thank you so much for sharing this with us. (Quality of this video is top). It gives us as foreigners a good picture of how HOT 🚀 the cannabis sector is currently in Canada / America. You are our mirror on the cannabis scene. Thanks to you, we have also been able to sniff 😉 the atmosphere of the event. Thank you 🤝 – Have nice day – Belgiumguy🇧🇪

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