Legalising marijuana is 'bad policy that sends the wrong message'

Legalising marijuana is 'bad policy that sends the wrong message'

Australian Capital Territory Opposition Leader Alistair Coe says the government is sending the “wrong message” by legalising the personal use and cultivation …


  1. It cracks me up. We have liquor shops that give you booze even if you're half dead. We got tobacco shops that sell tobacco and smoking paraphernalia for all children to walk past and be influenced by. But to this fella, pot being legalized is the bad policy…

  2. the guy is just wrong, buy the way you can avoid the total disaster of having two male plants by buying feminised seeds on the internet. I am not recommending any company in particular. I know that its pretty reliable. just search for a reputable seed bank and check their mail order policy which should be on their website. It is by the way, not legal. but I don't think they can detect 5 or ten tiny seeds.

  3. lol how dumb are you, Repeat yourself some more lol

    The massage is that is going out to all Canberrans and to all of Australia that its ok to do marijuana.. This idiot even thinks this includes young people..
    WTF are you talking about THAT'S not the massage at all and the fact that you cant get that is maybe the hole problem..
    You dumb shits are ok with selling alcohol and cigarettes what massage are you trying to send with that?
    Both kill millions of people a year, Cannabis has NEVER killed anyone..

    Make shore you mention that in your conversation to the Governor general. you uneducated idiot…

  4. If your child has a comt gene mutation and smokes pot they have signed their death warrant. Ten percent of the population don't know they have this gene mutation. The COMT gene encodes the enzyme responsible for the synaptic metabolism of dopamine. A functional polymorphism of this gene, Val158Met, has been shown to slow the breakdown of dopamine, which potentially increases the risk of psychosis. I have buried two sons because of pot. Please protect your children and get them genetically tested to confirm if they have this gene mutation. Losing a child is the most painful thing you will ever deal with in your life. I want to spare you that pain

  5. Here in Canada, legalization has proven to be the most disgusting thing the politicians could do to the country.
    1) It is NOT true that this takes away money from drug dealers. Potheads keep giving money to their favorite drug dealers. Legalization is a huge GIFT to drug dealers because they have a) no fear of getting the billions they have made before legalization seized and b) can keep doing their business with less chances of getting caught.
    2) People who are not potheads now have to breath that sh*t in public places and even in their homes, if they have potheads living within anywhere close. Many Canadians cannot sit on their balconies or in their backyards with their children without them breathing drugs.
    Legalization is just good for drug dealers and for drug addicts, it is a disaster for everyone else.

  6. This does my head in! “Sends the wrong message” what message? That free adults should have the right to enjoy a plant that relaxes you, makes you laugh more, enjoy food and sleep better? What a dangerous message.

  7. Everyone knows that smoking pot frequently has negative effects, unless you're to stoned to realise or addicted to admit it. Problems with child development during and after pregnancy, Trouble with thinking and problem-solving, Increased risk of lung infections & Lung cancer, Altered brain development, Addiction, & In high doses, paranoia and psychosis. These are just some of the symptoms of smoking weed regularly.

  8. Listening to these hypocrites makes me want to puke! I bet you all drink alcohol and you can buy the shit within a mile OF every home in the country but you think it is ok to take my rights away and tell me I can't smoke weed. There is not even a death toll for weed. I will continue to ignore your bullshit laws and do whatever the fuck I want!

  9. These fucking retard bible bashing pollies need to stop with the nanny state bullshit. Alcohol is a FAR FAR worse drag on society than dope will ever be! What would you prefer, a pub full of drunks or full of stoners. One group would be fighting and causing havoc the other will be mellow, relaxed laughing and racing to the buffet for munchies.

  10. Links to Mental health conditions? what ones ? none…. if a person can't smoke (Due a health issue) then don't, it can enhance your moods , so if you are depressed, it can enhance it, if you are a anxious person do not smoke then, that's where all that crap comes from paranoid people, people who smoke something laced, or placebo effect, when they believe all the "Oh man i got lost in the woods, or awww man i zoned our for hours"……. Keep it illegal or legal just don't spread bull crap.

  11. Politicians gots to run their mouths, no brain attached just sound waves. Folks uneducated on a subject should not expound on it. Cannabis isn't dangerous, I have heard no one EVER having ANY problems with Marijuana. The LD50 is so high that death from using it is virtually impossible. Water and oxygen both have a lower LD50 than Cannibis. There is as much evidence of THC helping mental illness than there is it causing any problems. I have used it for 45 years, no problems with it at all. 🖖😚

  12. Total BS There are people who drink alcohol and people who don't.,The same with cigarettes some do and most don't. There always will be people who do and don't. There is a time and place for everything. People are not just going to go and smoke pot just because it's decrimilized. It's your God giving right. How many people have died because of smoking pot and driving.??!! Then ask the same about alcohol.

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