1. Yeah about healthy marihuana….. I personally don’t know much about that. I just want to smoke it. If I do my work , when I’m high! I’m a beast. And you don’t get that from alcohol. But sooner or later weed will be legel worldwide. Because people age right? Sorry for my bad english.

  2. the biggest crock of crap about pot is the MYTH of the calm pothead and that it calms you down LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL im still waiting to actually meet a calm pothead in real life?? WHERE ARE THEY all i ever see is twitchy paranoid nuts who cant calm down at all.

  3. Another reason I quit (aside from it stifling my ambitions, costing a ton of money, and slowly ruining my life) was at night I would wake up unable to take a deep breath. This would sometimes actually induce full on panick attacks because I literally couldn't breathe. I've never has asthma but it felt like what I'd assume an asthma attack would feel like. Now that I've quit my breathing is 100% normal again. I'm sorry but I am not for its legalization and think there is a ton of propaganda and missinfo. It's not some miracle substance.

  4. I was a habitual smoker of it for over 2 decades. Developed a dependancy. Quitting smoking it has improved SO many aspects of my life. Obviously health wise, but more importantly psychologically. It was making my insomnia & anxiety WORSE. Much worse.

  5. Thank you Mic for great information. I gave up smoking weed years ago, I do not think it is healthy
    for the lungs. If you want to get the 'benefits' consume it raw in salads, etcetera. A government that is
    in business with the entire pharmaceutical and medical industry does not want to support natural healing
    methods. Yes its' also a fact that our CDC is a vaccine company and supports forced vaccinations. The
    spraying of geoengineering– aluminum, barium and other toxins is also not natural or healthy. The whole issue
    of GMO's and the approval of Roundup weedkiller are more examples of a government that ignores the health
    of all American citizens but favors and supports corporations. If cigarettes and alcohol are 'legal' than so
    should be marijuana and growing hemp, but that makes too much common sense to all of us.

  6. I only clicked on this video to see if you would give unbiased truth to see if I can trust your other videos. THC causes heart attack, high blood pressure, tachycardia, and stroke. Munchies further cause the user issues in these areas. Harvard study: 5 times more likely to have heart attack in first 90 minutes of being high. Mic, you may not have known but now you do. I'm a heart diseasd patient myself. Pot is by no means harmless. Not at all.

  7. My cousin smokes it alot with tobacco, and he ended up with blood poisoning somehow ( i cant remember how) & the doctor advised him to stop smoking weed but he didnt and it completely purified his blood within a month. He no longer has blood poisoning. It saved his life

  8. Smoking it isn't good for your lungs but you can use it other ways which are fine. In Canada you go to their dispensaries and they have pills, mouth spray, dropper for under the tongue, butter and oils for cooking and now edibles.

  9. Exactly addictive and people try due to their mental health issues then end up addicted and wonder why their IQ has severely lowered and end up with psychosis and schizophrenia it's studies show people that use drugs actually end up committing serious crimes!

  10. those claiming that smoking cannabis is "unhealthy" need to look at the research done by UCLA's head pulmonologist Dr Donald Tashkin, he will give you the reasons why cannabis has been diagnosed for asthmatics for centuries (yes, in 1920"s and prior, there were cannabis "cigarets" prescribed to people to help with their asthma). Cannabis is a brocho-diolator (sorry if my spelling is wrong, the science is accurate). please watch "Medical Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health: a Cannabis Documentary" then watch "Clearing the Smoke" a PBS Montana documentary… some truths will be set free for you

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