1. I’d like to point out that hemp is “marijuana” but it is not rich in THC, either way it’s “marijuana” hemp is still weed so differentiating between the two shouldn’t be “hemp” vs “marijuana”

  2. Anyone has detail analysis report of Oil & Seeds of Plants of Hemp & Cannabis showing content of THC & CBD ? If yes, please do post it here for academic purposes presently and also in future for commercial uses wherein no prevalent regulatory laws in the Country and State are broken.

  3. That is some of the most horrendous any type of flower ive seen. I had better flower from plants I never tended too. And those stems and leaves should be removed before cure so the plant cures properly… stems and leaves as such gives headaches… and he throws them through that ghetto vaccum/grinder to give the most refined garbage as possible… discusting… y I'd rather grow my own as oppose to trust any of these fools.

  4. You get the extractors from MRX so stop lying to the people.and the pesticides arnt checked eather there no way your can check all of it cause all that grown is industrial so your feeding and pesticides and mold.you can look it up your self.they dont have the help to check all .more mold and chemicals than anything.these plants mold easy so cut it out .

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