1. These non-smokers are bringing up these "issues" such as driving while high – little do they know I'm most likely a better driver while high because it makes me more aware and focused

  2. How do you make sure people don’t get behind the wheel? How does a restaurant make sure people don’t get behind the wheel after consuming multiple drinks…

  3. For all you lames who think this is special. . Just go buy some rso and put it on any food you choose. 5 star restaurants food is great. Crab cakes and rso are tastee.dont be a monkey for nerds to the cannabis game..seattle had a full on cannabis restuarant in 2012..dont for get cannabis is the gateway drug…tooooo many talking advantage of the times..just hope the fda doesn't clown all these fools it's like playing the lottery.

  4. Good deal. Still so much hypocrisy to get over. Can’t open a bag in public? Why? That’s just stupid.

    Cannabis is not alcohol, it does not impair a person like alcohol. Anyone who has smoked it or who studies it honestly understands that. Not that it can’t impair, but it isn’t fair to say a person can’t smoke anything and drive. It would be good to prove to the world through testing that small amounts of cannabis are safe to use with a car, like coffee is safe to use with a car. It can even reduce stress and worry while driving.
    This could set people at ease who have listened to the likes of Richard Nixon and Scott Gottlieb for so many years, people who lied for selfish gain.

    People, don’t listen to everything you hear, question it, do research and test what you hear. We have been lied to about illegal drugs for the last 100 years. May God bring these lies to an end.

  5. I hate people who once hated cannabis, now say they hope to see it legal globally. The greed in her eyes…
    The overall tone of segment was condescending to cannabis consumers, saying they are unable to judge food after smoking

  6. Actually Colorado used to have a couple cafes, then pot became legal for recreation and it made eating food illegal in dispensaries along with smoking inside illegal. I had one of the best lasagnas in my life, and it was an edible too. Amazing how pot can compliment basil and oregano in food so well when cooked right…

  7. With "homr delivery" of my cannabis here in So. Ca. I eat "healthy" and "cheaper" at home. Look at the "mold" found in the edibles in "las vegas" a couple of weeks ago. And the "taxes" charged in the stores. Examples, "Two grams of "Sherbert" buds, $20 plus $7.50 in "pot tax".[SO. CA.} In Las Vegas for every $100 spent thre's $25 in "pot tax" That's why I shop and munchie at home.{Blazing, 24/7}

  8. Interesting and the chef is starting something in the food and drug industry.
    However like alcohol that has a legal limit if law enforcement pulls you over.Driving under the influence is serious enough is the buisness owner liable for contributing.

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