1. With mushrooms, there SHOULD be a regulated marketplace because if you eat the wrong ones, you can get horribly poisoned. Mushroom poisoning is no joke. Why NOT just regulate it so people don't eat the wrong ones? It also opens up the market because people who are just getting into them are not going to take the time to acquire spores and cultivate them. You're creating a higher barrier to entry.

  2. To the guy in here who said only "rich white people can take it"….uhm wrong. ANY COLOR of skin that lives in a rich area can try it. Its only people in ghetto's who usually get caught, white, brown, black, asian. Race has nothing to do with it.

  3. Its a crime against humanity to make anything that comes from nature illegal. If you go full legalization, selling in stores. Then you need to educate people. I think I feel more comfortable with decriminalization. The type that carries NO fines for possession like decriminalized marijuana did. I remember when I first started consuming cannabis, if you had enough for a cop to wright up a ticket. The court would charge you 500 fucking dollars……at least in my city they did. It should be where if a cop found my bag of shrooms, then nothing happens. No confiscation like decrim'd marijuana had, and no tickets, no fines, no fees. Just be on your way, have a good day sir/maam. Also if I am growing then NOTHING can be done by the police. Id say the only thing is perhaps public intoxication laws and thats it.

  4. Don't you get it YET???? We have absolutely NO rights in this (or any other) country. When a state exists, it claims TOTAL ownership over our bodies, our activities, our possessions, and even the expression of any opinions we hold! If we truly owned our bodies, we would be able to do with our bodies any damned thing we wished. Furthermore, we don't even have a right to own a home in which to have a refuge from the world! It's outrageous that we have been reduced to the point where we have to BEG and PLEAD for the government to change its mind in order for us to have even the most rudimentary of freedoms! Both the Leftists and the Right-wingers wish to control most every aspect of our lives. They only believe in freedom insofar as it just happens to be in line with their own personal set of values. If you sincerely believe in individual rights, vote for the most Libertarian candidate for each office in every election!!!!

  5. I'm pleasantly surprised to see this happening so soon. I'd like to see all psychedelics legalized and all other drugs at least decriminalized. Just don't make the mistake of thinking of shrooms as a weed substitute or weed+, because they're completely different drugs and a bad trip can be scary af.

  6. Shrooms could and will save the earth humans were not meant to live the way we live we have been blinded. God put all living plants on earth for us to use and consume. Shrooms have the potential to expand our minds and show us things we were meant see and learn that could better society

  7. Is this what some registered U.S. voters are worried about the legalization of illicit drug use?! According to the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution illicit drug use is not implicitly against the law with the exception of marijuana being explicitly forbidden as a Federal crime.

    What about the legalization of my business rights without all the red tape, bureaucracy, barriers to entry, and as well as other law impediments?

  8. Before they legalized marijuana in Oregon, my friend who happens to be a State Trooper said that Colorado,after legalizing weed, had a 150% increase in DUI…..
    The more drugs are legalized and normalized, the more people will be addicted and have their lives negatively effected in all aspects.

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