1. Wim Hof, thank you for inspiring people and forcing science to investigate more our body! It's curious that your relaxation effect is very similar to what I learned by myself to control body pain in 2014. Since then I never used pain medication even after an operation because of broken bones. In my case, I focus on relaxing part of the body which is in pain and in a few seconds I have the effect.
    Thanks for giving me ideas to try the same technic in other situations 🙂

  2. Thank you for bringing back ancient knowledge, Wim. There are monks and yogis who have been doing these things for thousands of years, but yet no one ever seems to listen. Now that you are doing it though, people are listening. Thank you, my brother. Maybe with your help, we the human race can begin to truly discover just how powerful we are. Forever forward, always to new heights!

  3. First full week of doing this each morning. The number one takeaway I have is that I feel much more awake, aware and positive throughout the day. Still struggling mentally with the cold showers. Maybe I'll wait til spring 😀

  4. But the adrenaline induction to stop the endotoxins only those produced with the guided breathing method that appears right here on your YouTube channel or is there something more different?

  5. Thank you, I have been dealing with inflammation for years now, managing the pain often with great imbalance to the rest of my life, now with meditation and breathing and general better self care, I am able to really see the power of my body to heal and relieve the pain naturally. Wim you are a gift to the world, thank you for your messages of love and freedom!

  6. The reason your heart beats is because of pulses of Calcium (that cause the heart to contract) and pulses of Magnesium (that cause the heart to relax) . As explained to me by a winner of a Nobel Peace Prize, the signal goes something like this, short blast of calcium, short blast of magnesium, calcium, magnesium. If you have high blood pressure, you need to eat more cruciferous veggies with magnesium like kale or broccoli , if your pressure is low eat more veggies with calcium like collard greens or spinach. Peer Reviewed Studies were done in Norway recently that show Camelina oil lowers LDL cholesterol naturally.

  7. Your immune system cannot work properly without sunlight. Sun screen/blocks are dangerous because they stop the vitamin d from penetrating the skin. When sun light hits your skin, vitamin d combines with the cholesterol to make GcMAF. GcMAF is what orchestrates that symphony called the immune system. It directs the immune system to attack bad virus, bacteria and funguses. The Appendix is there to inject vital good virus, bacteria and fungus back in to restore a balance to the micro-biome.
    Eating enough raw probiotic and prebiotic is crucial to a healthy immune system. The best foods for that is raw kimchi, or raw sauerkraut.. The cooked variety is dead and taste horrible. It is especially important if you have had an appendectomy.

  8. Thank you. I totally believe. How do I learn this method? I developed a bad allergies when I was interacting with this very negative and toxic person. When I stayed away from her all my allergies were gone.

  9. Wim I learn about you from physio in Jelenia Gora but I simply ignored it. now I learn that you went above brain plasticity show bypassing anxiety centers using balance youga, you switched off that centers. from my psychology I was looking for effective method how to deal with PTSD was asking by my paramedics traumatised friends from London Ambulanece. and I said I do not know yet do not know yet, there is few methods that can help but not always effective, looks like you discover something that can help the helpers.

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