1. your jack asses complaining about the senate. Beauty of the system that the large pop centers don't rule the whole nation. States rights should be right up your ally. But not surprising from lib voters to have that view of representation in the Senate. There state vote for it. Good for ILL. Hopefully its a decent plan unlike what they tried to do in Ohio. @ 10:20 he stumbles cause he doesn't believe himself. Stick to Gummies. Don't blow out your lungs.

  2. Maine only legalized weed because they cannot figure out how to pilfer any more from the suckers that still live there. They think they might be left out of making a buck. Maine – The Pilfer the Poor State

  3. Give the money back to the people????? I will believe that when it actually happens! Until then we all have to pay more taxes so Chicago politicians can get richer off the efforts of the Illinois working man. You can bet that will never change. The extra pot tax will dissappear just like the lottery money. The education system will continue to get worse and so will the roads.

  4. The states are only sticking it to the dealers because they’re not making any money off of it
    If your local street pharmacist pay taxes on their drugs they be allowed to do it without repercussions

  5. This is not good. Black markets matter! regulation will lower quality of the herb, while inflating the price. Look at those greedy smug ass wipes the same ass wipes all waging the war on drugs and now they will reap all the profits.

  6. Is this the guy who spit in Alex Jones face??? Alex doesn’t bother me, I could take him or leave him but from man to man!!! You spit in my face it’s guna be a WAR right there and then… count your blessing son! I’m still guna watch this report though, I’m a daily smoker and this pertains to a way of life for me.

  7. It's not just a billion dollars, more like trillions. Billions reported revenue is on the record, include the revenue paid in cash with no record! Not only the revenue from marijuana for medical and recreational use, what about the revenue of the clothes, fuel, building materials, ect.? Now we are talking real revenue to help us poor!

  8. Dumbing down our population even more. I guess it doesn’t matter because we don’t educate ourselves anymore. Should make us easier to govern, though. Gee, that’s not scary at all. Thanks Illinois.

  9. Democrats are trying to save their Government with the 25% tax. If they weren't going broke this would have never taken place. Dont be growing or you'll go to jail for manufacturing with intent to distribute and there will be some serious Prison time for cutting in on their profits.

  10. Now you just need to end the federal prohibition. In any nation where alcohol or tobacco is legal, so should cannabis be. Legalise, regulate & tax weed across the Western world! Expunge records & free people charged with possession!

  11. The US is supposed to be a constitutional Republic and not a pure democracy. The small states would never have joined the United States if the compromise of having 2 senators for each state had not been made. The small states rightfully feared that they would otherwise have zero power at the Federal level and anything the large states wanted could be crammed through congress due to the mob rule nature of pure democracy. There is no such thing as a math surgeon. All drug laws are immoral since there is no crime – no other party is injured and their property is not stolen or damaged simply by using drugs. Equity-centric is a meaningless term.

  12. So… because white folks and other ethnicities choose not to travel with Marijuana, or engage in sketchy behavior whilst being in possession of said Marijuana it's disproportionate now? Lovely. Way to twist the narrative Jimmy.

  13. That's the point of senators, so large states aren't over represented……it's why we have two houses. You guys are usually smart, but it's seems like you guys went retarded right then.

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