1. They are right, professional athletes can speak up and out and get it done. There are way too many people that die on legal prescription medication and others believe just because a doctor prescribed the medication that it must be what is best for the individual when the fact remains that 1 person dies every 19 minutes in America from prescription pain medicine. The stigma needs to stop and the whole world needs to be educated about what is going on, who is profiting from prescribed medication, the damage opioids cause, the largest political donators now are pharmaceutical companies, they donate more to politicians now than Exxon, Mobil, BP, all of the major oil companies. Pharmaceutical companies now are rated at the very top of the Fortune 500 companies, kickbacks, payoffs, government contracts with Medicaid and Medicare, it is a bigger sham than most people will ever know. Marijuana needs to be legalized as a medication and recreational use, it needs to be regulated so it is not available for children to use and abuse. The high prices pharmaceutical companies charge for drugs they blame on research and development, research is done mostly by universities and the U.S. government is the one that uses citizens tax money to pay to the universities to do the research. People are being fed lies daily while the biggest companies in the world rule the government and the citizens. Google the facts and see for yourself.

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