1. Great testimony Tarah! i have just started researching CBD and it looks like a strong weapon against anxiety. Your family and friends are very blessed to know you! i've removed gluten from my diet which really helped with feeling ill and run down always and now it's on to tackling anxiety. God bless u on your journey!

  2. I dont know anyone whom the therapist helped, they are cold greedy people. Only the fact that you share your private stuff with someone who makes money on you is not comfortable. For the price of one visit you can get a few great books for self development which actually help. To me the best therapist are animals. Everyone has to find his own way to enjoy life and paying a psychiatrist is definitely not one of them especially that it if you have money problems it will make it worse.

  3. I write this comment with a heavy heart because I am experiencing depression and bad anxiety and it has caused me to come to a full stop so terrified to leave home, no happiness or motivation everything you described I identify with, my brain seems blank not functioning can this product really give me the results quickly so that I can live. Also what CBD Oil worked right away for you can you name it and the dose that you took. Please help me and I would appreciate your response

  4. I understand your own experience with therapy was awful but please don’t write it off, it’s helpful for a lot of people, specifically cognitive behavioral therapy!!

  5. Ive been struggling with anxiety and depression for the last 3 years. It gotten worse but until know O kust got médication. I've lost jobs because of my anxiety. Will try this as last hope. Thank you fpr sharing your story. God bless.
    Regards from Mexico.

  6. Thankyou for sharing .. I'm going through this at the moment pretty severely. It's gotten worse since I moved up the mountains and apparently that (altitude) can worsen depression for some people. I desperately want to move but we are unable to at the moment. I'm starting CBD tomorrow and really hope it helps me cope. I'm at a loss really. Thanks so much for sharing your story. 🌸🙏🏻

  7. what helped me in regards to depression and suicide:
    amazing single player gambling free (microtransaction/lootboxes) video games.
    and also watching movies/some series/anime.
    whatever distracts u and brings some happiness in your life and isn't harmful 🙂

  8. I really think women need this more then men most women seem to be emotional and anxious and causing a lot of drama for no reason causing marriage problems no disrespect intended but it seems to be true in a lot of situations if women are calmer and not so emotional men would be calmer

  9. You totally should look in Astrocartography as you maybe be living on a really challenging line. It may give you some insight into why this may have happened for you. Lovely to find you again after all these years xx

  10. I never had depression. I took CBD oil for hip pain and to sleep better even I sleep just fine. I experienced terrible depression like never in my life, sadness without reason. I found a blog where one woman shared the same experience and there were 43 comments just like mine. Never again. This staff is dangerous. I am usually a very happy motivated person and it made me not want to even get up in the morning, everything was a struggle. I bought it in health food store in Astoria, OR, all official, labeled.

  11. I'm going to try it I've been a medical marijuana patient for awhile and a recreational user but I'm tired of the THC brain fog. It's hard to get ahold of 100% CBD varieties to grow and cost of ready to use is substantial after 20 years of my battle I need relief.

  12. You seem a little hard on yourself when you’ve experienced a major change by living to a new country. Of course you had no one else to talk to, therapists were not welcoming etc there’s a ton of stress in a change like this. I’m glad you’re feeling better but keep finding ways to talk therapy in addition to taking cbd because there are definite psychological issues at play. Your partner can not be the only source of people to talk to. The CBD should not be considered a cure for anyone who was suicidal. Talk therapy is still needed. You can do this remotely. There are Americans who do it online via Skype. I wish you true healing 💜

  13. Tbh I'm on day 2 and I have crippling anxiety and depression and this has had no effect if anything made me more paranoid at what it's actually doing

  14. Its so great to see how CBD helped you. But if someone have a real mental illness you should find the right therapiest. Sometimes it needs time, but this is key. CBD just help symtomes. It can help to get throw a time, but please find a therapiest.
    All the best♡

  15. Thank you for this video. I am currently on vacation in Singapore, and I should be thrilled and having the best time, but here I am locked up in my friend's flat watching YouTube videos because the thought of walking out the door is causing my heart to race, the fear to take over, and I cannot get beyond this body reaction. I've thought about taking CBD, but have not done it. I think that I am ready to try this. Thank you for sharing your story.

  16. Hi! I've been watching your channel since the beginning – when I was an expat in Europe. Can 100% understand the feelings you had, as I also experienced many things you mentioned similar to you after moving abroad. I don't know if where you lived was mostly people who spoke only Swedish, but living in a culture that didn't speak my language and was so radically different than anything I knew completely was a shock to my system and I also started going through a lot of the same things you mentioned. Changing your life in your own country is one thing, but moving to another part of the world is very disorienting for a long time. EVEN if you are a healthy, strong, positive person. It sounds like you do have a loving partner, so that is a major blessing! It can be helpful to have some American friends, and other people in your life that will understand you. big hugs

  17. Thank you for your vulnerability and sharing your personal experiences! I've had anxiety/depression most of my life, even as a child. "Shy"=anxious due to unsafe surroundings. I feel you! Latley it's gotten really bad and affecting how I've been taking care of myself or view my own being. I recently purchased CBD oil as a last resort to assist with my internal work(I am doing my 200 hour yoga training currently). Its been stressful latley and I've been in a state of panic attacks and defense mechanisms/shutting down. Im just adding CBD as an additional tool. I haven't experienced the oil as I'm waiting for it to arrive but this video came at a great time, as the oil is a bit of an investment. You are looking so healthy. Clearly you have been doing some transformstional work and it's tough so well done! Have me inspired 🙏❤

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