1. I remember being 16 and smoking enough to be absolutely ripped, then getting the call to come home. I was at a friends house only a quarter mile from home, down side streets, that I had traveled probably ten thousand times at that point. The moment I pulled onto the street I was as lost as a freshman the first day of highschool! It took me what seemed like forever to get home, at what was probably 5 mph, but somehow I made it. When I woke up the next day, it scared the hell outta me that I actually did that. On the plus side, that experience has kept me from drinking or smoking with in a day of driving for the past 20yrs

  2. Who the fuck drives fast while being high I swear who the fuck drives fast while being high you people are fucking dumb You will never hear somebody say I’m a get high and go drive 155 miles an hour down there down the highway people are dumb of course is going to drive slower he realized just need to drive fast fucking dumb

  3. The driver was just driving slower so you’re telling me you would rather have me driving on the street: 55 miles an hour than me going fucking 45 miles an hour OK You will never hear that guy smoking marijuana is the one who ran the over 12 people and correct the fact you’re fucking people the ones are you racing tonight stupidity are the ones who fucking kill people

  4. It’s super rough for medical users because for most of us we use mj to treat chronic conditions and may require constant dosage throughout the day. Weed doesn’t impair me but rather helps my mind focus on the task at hand as I suffer from severe anxiety. I know for a fact it doesnt affect my hand eye coordination as I tend to skate better when I am high vs sober. By better I mean landing tricks more consistently and having the confidence to try more difficult things. Driving high is great for me too because it is the only time I tend to take a defensive mindset even though I do drive aggresivley. I tend to look far ahead of the road and take precautions that I just dont do while sober. When I am sober I am usually just stuck in my head and not even paying attention to the road. There definetley needs to be a change in legislation.

  5. Main question is how intoxicated you are before driving. How much you smoke vs how long it affects you varies massively from what you smoke to your experience and the time after smoking. Probably best leaving several hour before having to drive.

  6. dont believe your weed driving test 1 did they guy smokeweed before test like a contesant smoker 2 did you test a contstant smoker off weed to see how bad he preforms agaistr a person on weed every day also a guy on weed vs drunk vs ice junkie or just a guy whos had a bad day at work fighting with the misses. a person whos been to the race track on the way home thinks hes still on the race track drifter, tired person on way home from work person not woken up on the way to work the lady whos on her fone the lady whos doin her hair or makeup id prefer a stonded driver any day

  7. Thats bullshit lol i be driving high all the time i drive way better i feel more focused on the road its all on the people how they get affected by the weed put me on a test run ill pass that driving test easily

  8. Pot does not effect balance the way alcohol does. It is a muscle relaxant and at very high levels of use. Alcohol actually causes the balance deficit by damaging axioms' insulating sheaths. So by simply copying the alcohol DUI test over to pot DUI's just reveals the bigoted ignorance of law enforcement on the issue. BTW let the guy have an hour to level out and THEN how does he do?

  9. I 100% support marijuana, but I felt unsuitable to drive after smoking a whole gram. I felt extremely relaxed and carefree. Therefore, it’s easier to wreck if you’re stoned then if you’re sober.

  10. Love the show guys , Next time use some that has experience in driving and a high weed tolerance. I’ve been driving and smoking for years in nyc and never crashed or parallel parked like a bozo .

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