How Wizard NPK Cures His Marijuana Buds… Foolproof Way To Achieve Top Shelf Results Consistently!

How Wizard NPK Cures His Marijuana Buds... Foolproof Way To Achieve Top Shelf Results Consistently!

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  1. Also why does no one talk about flavoring buds up during last week of growth they gonna die anyways might as well flavor those babies up 48 hours before harvest with what meets your pallet best

  2. I heard super soil is best when it comes to tastes and it builds up plant immunity unlike the non organic soils and hydro mediums, they lack a full nutrition and are more prone to plant disease and pest, no immunity and what that says for the future genetics of buds, it could affect or already affected plant species on a large population on how they function to grow and react in situations it would normal have built up in its genetic code

  3. 1. You shouldn't have fans blowing onto bud whilst drying.
    2. 50% humidity whilst drying is too dry. 60%-70% is far better
    3. If you can snap your buds off the plant, it's too dry. It should snap, but NOT snap off.
    4. That stuff in the bag looks like cuttings, not bud.

    The whole idea with curing is that there is still about 15% moisture in the plant when you start the process and about 10% when you've finished. The moisture is slowly drawn out, improving the terpene profile.

    I'm a bit disappointed with this video.

    Yours truly, someone who has been growing for 2 decades.

  4. So my temps got down to like 64 degrees for the first few nights, now i keep it around 68. But my humidity is way down in the mid 20s-30s. Dont have a humidifier so what should i do? I mean its too late now but for next time? Would a cheap walmart humidifier plugged into a humidity controller work?

  5. Thanks wiz 🙌… everyone thinks they are just perfect ND look for something to say negative instead of appreciating the help ND info… your details ND explanation of the things are 🤙…thanks again broski

  6. Hold on a second. You aid "the buds should come off, without cutting, when they're READY." Then you said, " When you're able to cut them off, you put them in the bags". Which is it?

  7. i got a good question for all u that make a science out of this everyone talks about got to have low humidy when plants are buding and dont want temps over 75 to 80 tops . not trying to hate or be a ass but go to south america like Columbia were the gold bud comes from its humid as shit and those land races are 14 to 20 percent thc the bud is fire they dry there shit out in barns most the times no temp checkers no humidity checkers there stuff smells dank and loud im not hating on u all . but is it the strain is that how they get away with drying in barn and dont get me wrong not all the bud from there is all good .but i remember back in the 80s geting shit from there and from mexico that was fire and mexico does same way i use to get a mexican shunk in the late 80s anyone of u all from west coast knows what im talking about shit was just like the bud today . so how to they do it with no testers and i grow back in the day in mangrove swamps and everglades its humid as shit and 90 plus degres i had fucking xmas tress out there in big ass buckets cuz the soil in the ground has salt i never ph the water just get the water out of hoes and let the jugs sit atleast 24 so clorine gets out always had fire bud but i will say the bud was airy but skicky and sticky but if u did late fall crop it would be more dense Miami is hot as shit .sorry for bad spelling my english is not good and please explain this and when my friend did in door he did it by the book he over in cali and his bud came out smelling good it was fire but the smell was not loud my question is it the strain or loss of terpins and last also in Jamaica same thing they dry out side under huts and its always hot over there i smoke trash from there but also some of the best from there . and its a shame less and less landraces out there hybrids everywere even in the middle east but probaly some areas still have the oringal strain thats what i would like to grow the shit i got back in the days

  8. Naw man your right. Pennsylvania is dog shit for dry leaf. It turns to dust. The ash will turn black. And it's hella expensive. Iv been trying to get them to reach out to the growers but they don't give a crap. They just want the money. Plus all they have is vape charts. Like thousands of them. Always out of dry leaf or concentrates.

  9. Very informative!!! Thank You so much Wizzard, I’m learning and have learned so much from you since subscribing to your channel and watching your videos everyday, your great keep them coming so I can keep learning!!!

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