1. I did it with butter cause I was at my friends house and forgot to bring my coconut oil, I got so fucking high but it was nasty with butter😂

  2. Budznbeardz * Hi , I am loving your videos and thank you for sharing your ideas.
    I was wondering if you know how to make tea for people who want the CBD and not the THC ? I know that you recommend to decarboxylate the weed before like you did in this video but that would give me a high feeling wouldn't it ,? So I was wondering if I leave that step out would it be a waist of the weed ? Thank you again I love your videos please make more .Hope you and your family had a beautiful Christmas and have a very Happy New Year ❣️❤️
    Almost forgotten you really need to try the weed tea that has chamomile it's really good .😇⛄🌲

  3. Just like that I thought to myself. I guess u could put in some weed to the boiling water that u might steem ur dinner vegetables in. It's only a thought. I'm not sure if that would work.

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