How To Identify & Prevent Leaf Spot Disease or Leaf Septoria – Cannabis Plants

How To Identify & Prevent Leaf Spot Disease or Leaf Septoria - Cannabis Plants

brown blight, yellow leaf spot disease, spores disease…whatever it’s known as where you live, today on Lex’s World I discuss dealing with this fungus from …


  1. Excellent, Not many growers, do videos on deficiencies and diseases. Even the best books on the matter are often illustrated and vague, which is frustrating to say the least. Thanks so much for this video. Would you consider doing one on Calcium? A lot of newer L.E.D. growers might benefit:)

  2. My yard, 1.5 acres, is loaded with Leaf Septoria as well as Early Blight. (I think) 
    Its on most deciduous trees/leaves and garden food type plants. Guy next door, 300 feet away, grows fine veggies so this is localized for some reason.
    The arborvitaes seem oblivious to it.
    It trashes pot plants. 1 zip per 6-8 foot tall plants is it. That, and I must chop 2-3 weeks early if I dont want the cancer to spread into the buds after the leaves are gone. 
    Makes smokable hash,, but damn it sucks.

    Ahhhhh, had to vent.
    Thanx for sharing the information,

  3. I have a question, lets say ur 1 week into flowering, you order a new fan and carbon filter from amazon, but they end up sending you a fkn grow light and extra bulbs instead lol and it will take at least a month to get a refund and re order the fan and carbon filter.. in that instance, what do you do to clean up the smell as much as possible till the right shipment arrives?

  4. Great info, can you do more new diagnostics videos on cannabis ? Love all your content, thank you for sharing all your knowledge of cannabis, product reviews, and all the other things you do for the community! Hope all is going well with you. ✌️💚Growers Love💚 cheers 👊

  5. Are my buds going to be okay still or should i harvest right away now that I noticed this? Thank you for the information. My first grow outdoor autoflowers and ive really been struggling they are very stunted and seem late week 12.

  6. hey does canada still have commercial seal hunts, did they ever clean up the alberta oil sands, what about eugenics, fuck outta here canada and your bunk ass weed is full of seeds and mites. GO USA.

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