1. I smoke 1oz a week, I pay anywhere 150 to 250, depending on the quality, and guess what? The quality suck.
    After watching this video I realised that I'm too old to not be doing this shit. I'm growing it at home, since it's legal

  2. This is my first grow and i'm going to use your set up to do it! Thanks for making this vid and giving me hope to grow my medication my self. Would you recommend an autoflower for this setup?

  3. Could someone inform me on what Watt LED I would use in substitute to the lights recommended in this vid? I am currently looking at a 1000w one, though I think this maybe too powerful for such a small space. Thanks

  4. Hi I am new to growing and would like to know how long to leave the lights running and how many times a day I must water and how much water should I pour in. I know it's stupid question but I am new to this

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