How to filter THC Vape Juice to reduce waxes, lipids, and fats without winterizing

How to filter THC Vape Juice to reduce waxes, lipids, and fats without winterizing

In this tutorial, I show you how to easily reduce the contaminants from your Cannabis E-Juice. Link to Amazon Syringe Filters: …


  1. Did this for ages prior to my card. This works well however nothing short of distillate or co2 oil burns clean in the cart even using a genuine ccell. Made hundreds honest you still get the brown crud as the oil burns down even if you run the filtered product through a secondary filter with a fresh filter(tried) and this was also using (recently) clean dispensary "raw" as my starter — try to beat dispensary cart prices.

    Sadly it is what it is theres a reason distill, c02, and liquid live are in the store carts not shatter budder sugar diamonds etc… Sorry.

    Yes, this works and makes it look pretty before you start vaping on it but I'm not going to lie I've yet to make one that even compares to a liberty or a grassroot cart, mpx cart, cressco etc you name it. I'm sorry to anyone not in a legal state.

  2. Those screens are from Vapeur terp. I have a bunch. Yes you do lose juice in the screen prob almost .5g plus as screen gets more clogged its harder to push juice through. Watch out if you blow the screen you gotta start all over and you just lost juice to screen. Slow and easy with these screens is best

  3. Hi my pre bought cart has very small crystals in it. If this is tHCA, can I convert it to THC somehow? And will this cart get me high and does it have THC in it? Thank you so much

  4. I'm wondering where you got your vials with the screw on lids? Thanks.
    Oh yes, and I sure do appreciate this video… ~mosies over and clicks the "subscribe" button~
    I ordered the filters yesterday.

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