1. hey bro, i’m going on a cruise in march and i want to sneak some edibles and i’m flying out from indiana. would airport security be just as easy? Also would the cruise have any security that would go through my bags?

  2. Nice video brotha. One question tho. I got a capsule that I wanna try and smuggle thats a grinder and holder for about 12 gs of grinded weed. Even if they caught me with that shit wouldnt they just have me throw it away? Its obviously for personal use

  3. Okay so you said they are looking for compressed product…. What about dab wax? (It is on a clear wax type sheet) …. I am gonna be flying back home n you know I am tryna bring some good wax back… Lmk if u think it would be the same? Thanks soooo much for sharing this video! **I've been taking carts to and from in carry on for a few years now. My pack has been pulled aside but after a minute or two of terror I always go through lol… 🤣

  4. Lost my id before I got to lax to fly home so I had to go through a screening so they could find out who I was so they had to search my shit found my jungle boy ounce they called supervisor and the cops working there and they didn’t give a fuck

  5. Hey bro! Im flying to Chicago from Minnesota. I want to bring one cart with me, it doesnt smell at all. Do you think its safer to put it in the checked bag or in the carry on? And if i put it in the carry on, should i be worried about it going through the scanner and coming up as a liquid? I dont want to get stopped at all. Could i just put it in the middle of my checked bag? Also, if i put it in the carry on. Should i put it in a box thats for a CBD vape carts to disguise it as CBD in case they do find it?

  6. Lmao bro ur so clutch for this! Was looking for a video made more recently that I can rela to more. And you explained it perfect. I’m goin to FL tmw so wish me luck lmfaooo! Keep grinding bro

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