1. the anxiety and mental health issues are a package deal that come with marijuana. Better to have a stiff drink once a week than smoke that crap everyday. No such thing as "responsible use" hahah to me that is an addict in denial.

  2. It was 100 until the end… you're basically saying you want to work and aquire enough wealth so you don;t have to work and simply smoke weed in your contemporary New York flat with modern appliances and dark wood features… yaaas..xo

  3. Ive always told my girlfriend..whos 14 turning 15..dont so drugs not any kind it wont be worth it just don't i care about you and it hurts to even think of you doing that. She always promised me she would never. And on the 1st day of 2020…she smoked weed..and i was so disappointed..shes only 14

  4. You're much stronger than me my friend. The only reason why I quit is because I can't get it anymore where Im from. Everything horrible and depressing in my past is just flooding through my head these days. I truly hate marijuana for what it did to me. Keep off it and stay safe man.

  5. its called you being small minded being sober for 3 months straight isint shit i started at 13 am now 22 and stopped smokeing for 2 years 20-22 ur just pulling this shit for attintion sorry for my grammer

  6. I used to be addicted to weed freshman year it got to the point where i had really bad social anxiety I didn’t want to talk to anyone i would smoke two blunts every day one before school and one after i regret wasting hella money on weed and not being more social in school but at the same time i had some good memories with friends being high asf

  7. I have a similar thing I've been addicted for like 7 years and am ready to quit but I keep ending up going and buying more. It has been a huge distraction in many ways. People say it's not addictive but everytime I quit I crave it so bad.

  8. i feel like it affects you depending on who you are.because me personally i literally smoke like one every month and maybe even less then that.but sometimes i'm giggly but for the most part i have the urge to do my work like i have smoked before volleyball games or school and i'm straight.

  9. Marijuana didnt ruin your life you did it to your self if you cant maintain marijuana and your life that's ur personal fault ur looking for excuses and if you went to rehab for marijuana people are gonna call you dumb and 3,000 dollars on weed every month do you even know how many grams that is your probally getting jipped and gain some fucking self controll and calm ur dramatic ass down theres people out their with reall addiction who cant sleep at night cause there bones hurt and your crying about this shame on you ohnestly

  10. I love you for this. I AM just like you. Except I started at 21. Ive been smoking for 7 years & It's like my life stands still when I smoke. It sucks. Especially because I am good at other things, why can't I be good at smoking weed occasionally? I needed this video. I love you for making this. I am going to put together a playlist to help prevent me from relapsing

  11. Same here. I quit 4 years ago. It triggered panic attacks and depression which I never had before. It took me 4 years of hard work to get put of that mental state. I will never smoke weed again!

  12. oh man tell me about it, yes you are not going to die when you dont smoke but u just freaking lose the interest in life etc. that shit kills you from the inside.

    thank you for speaking out my heart n yes lets quit it mate.!

  13. I can't even explain how grateful I am that you posted this. Ive looked up videos before looking for someone to relate to and while I found a lot of people with a really strong message, it was always for someone else. So many people say they had a "problem" ( I completely respect their personal struggles) and then go on to say that they smoked "almost every day". I'm over here like BISHHHHH. I smoke when wake up. When I eat. When I drive. Before I have to do literally ANYTHING. And this ish has 👏DESTROYED 👏 ME 👏 .
    I Haven't gone more than a few days without smoking since I was 15 (I think, idk I can remember shiiii. Wonder why?) & I KNOW I would be sooooo much further in life if that weren't true.

    I still smoke way too much weed.
    But your the first person that's made me feel like I'm not alone in this & I could stop.

    Thank you 👏🙏
    Your not alone either, and you got this 💪

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