2. I quit smoking and I gained 20 pounds in 14 months .It does create homeostasis in the body and if you are a regular user it will regulate your metabolism so you don’t over eat .Everything he says makes sense now that I stopped smoking .Ive never gained this much body fat in my life ,I’ve always been fit and have a 6 pack .Weed is good for you , but you have to eat it .Im going to go back to it once I move to a state where it’s legal .

  3. I disagree, to be honest. If I waited till after my meal, I would still get munchied and thus overeat beyond macros (I have tried that method). I have found that doing edibles first, then have tasty, healthy food ready made works best. Also, intermittent fasting or Omad diet works well, if you do edibles but want to stay within your macros for the day. I have 25 years experience with both weed and the fitness industry, so I do speak from experience and hope my advice helps. Good video, that’s my experience and advice on it. Have a great day people!

  4. listening to talks is great but it is not meditating and I would not call it better. it is just the presence of mind while making no effort to escape our day to day reality that we impose on ourselves….. Where as meditation is about experiencing our essential nature which is peace, happiness, and bliss. It is not about goals, material concerns, or self-image.

  5. I weighed about 220lbs before I started smoking. And I’m very active at work. I currently weight around 184lbs and fit size smalls. I’d honestly say smoking helped me the past few months. I’ve been focused more, I don’t over eat or under eat. I have very easy access to weed even tho it’s not legal where I am

  6. Just eat before you smoke. That simple. If you a o.g. smoker than you cam not eat and still smoke. Sometimes i smoke a bowl and it actually helps the hunger stay away. Sounds weird but it just relaxes me and the hunger stays away

  7. Bro, try 40 to 50mg of melatonin and optionally a GABA capsule or two just before bed about 40-60mins prior. Great sleep. You can play around with the dosage levels. Also helps you to get back to sleep, upon a wake up, easier, during the night and does not persist once you get up for the day. Cannabinoid receptors in cells, which are damaged from cancer or other sickness, injury, increase in number. The cannabinoids, TCH and CBD (quite a number of different variants) work to heal the damage. Cannabis is the only significant source of these compounds. Best to use in moderation. You can also just use a bit of the oil, on your fingertip, scraped behind lower teeth so it slowly dissolves under the tongue to go directly into the blood. Just have to get used to the taste. Back on melatonin- in addition to great and reparative sleep, you also get big anticancer benefits by taking nightly. Perfectly safe to take daily, and actually extremely good for you. With bodybuilding you can try to get as much as about 10 hours of sleep, when possible, for optimal results. Something called high cbd (99%) wax can provide immense relief from anxiety with no THC and thus no "high", can also be very helpful. For things like stage four cancer treatment, 1 to 1 thc to cbd ratio is best especially combined with ozone. The many varieties of cannabis can also have many different impacts. As you made so aptly, the other factors of dealing with oneself are also so important and perhaps the most important of all-> meditation and discussion, inwardly and with others. A few puffs on the vape pen, at the end of the day before rest, combined with lots of vitamin c throughout the day and full nutrient supplementation and exercise and full sleep each night makes for setting the foundation of dealing with oneself. Thus, allowing one to live and enjoy life, not retreat from it.

  8. Greg the type of guy to try and sell a workout routine to the peruvian sex slaves that brake out of a dog cage in his dads basement and brake into his room while he is masturbating to a holocaust documentary

  9. Real world experience smoking billys and I mean a lot of billys, everyday, kills muscle and fat. Just saying seen it happen to so many people. Sure this one chick Ik used to be fat but now she's fuckn fit, she even admits it's from weed. But for guys it's sad to see muscle disappear

  10. helps me burn fat: faster heart rate, more enthusiasm, and a lots of laughing and running and thinking. that's ought to burn at least 300 calories per joint.

  11. I don’t do steroids and I can control the “munchie” systems you get from cannabis the reason Greg craves so much more the a normal individual is because he is on a male enhancement (steroid) #facts

  12. Alright just woke at 12 noon.had 4 dollar bubble water straight of bottle..no job..decided to go to the gym and workout .now I can eat my 45 dollar lunch which I eat daily .come on let's get ripped everybody..no stress and no money problems….

  13. THC has been shown to suppress the production of testosterone in men. There are multiple studies out there, but the exact mechanism has not been established. If you're young and making 1000ng naturally then you may not notice the suppression because it lowers it to a still normal level, but if you're older you may find yourself in a total state of irony.

  14. Pretty irritating when I go to comments to look for others experience with this topic and all I see is Greg the type of guy comments. It was funny for a while but that shits old already y’all.

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