1. frosty doesnt mean is good….. white widow and jack herrer are the simplest and lowest potency strains. It looks frosty and fat but is not good quality weed. Are used by many sellers because of that. Looks good fat buds but you smoke a lot of it because of low potency and is good for business. Amsterdam is full of it, when I hear White widow im "bleah"

  2. I'm not sure why an auto cheese I grew only grew one bud and stayed 3 inches tall with hardly any leaves, the one bud is getting dense but is finished in a few weeks, what is going on?

  3. The SHORT & STUBBY, even though I'm a beginner grower and haven't even received my seeds in the mail yet, I've been watching from seed to stoned videos to be prepared, the SHORT & STUBBY looks like it will give the largest YIELD.

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