1. at least you can buy it some can't and have to wait , i was 1 that had to wait & once it became legal I WAS GONE ! been high ever since , trying out the geist og strain 25%, might not be able to see the buds but never bought any buds that i didn't like , they all exceeded my expectations , can't see the buds no biggie can't see them here either

  2. From Utah saying hello and dope video. You enjoyed smoking that stuff bro!
    Killer man. Get a nice background poster or something just accent behind you…something classy bud.
    I enjoyed this!!

  3. strongest strain i've seen is ( Future #1 GG4 x Starfighter ) 37% from " 7 point farms" in Oregon & Dawgy Treats 36% from " Hydrus Hydroponics in portland OR. Look em up on youtube rock hard nugs usually all bud no leaf at all

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