1. Easy healthy instant pot meals with some seasonal springtime flair! Vegan instant pot risotto with dates, vegetarian instant pot pasta primavera with prunes, & my pot in pot apricot chicken and rice — which is your favorite?? 🌿👅🌼

  2. I love dried apricots and the chicken recipe looks divine! 😍 And peas make everything more spring-y, i like adding them to all rice, noodle or potato dishes in spring. Theyre definitely one of my favourite vegies.

  3. Risotto is one of my go-to entrees or sides. I love this idea for a flavor combo! I am going to have to give it a go although, in a pan on the burner. SortedFood did a video on pressure cookers and they tested how risotto worked in it. Interesting to see that you chose it as well. Great video as always 🙂

  4. And THATS how you do a sponsored video 👌🙌 interesting and authentic presentation of the sponsor, valuable and inspiring content created with the sponsored products, packaged in an appealing and entertaining video!! Fantastic work alyssia! I will do all 3 recipes ✌️😉🌼

  5. Video idea! 🙂
    I've watched some videos on making coconut milk based yogurt but they all want full fat coconut milk which to me is pretty expensive. Sometimes I can find it at the 99 cent store but its usually sold out and everywhere else is upwards of 2 dollars a can. However they have coconut milk that happens to be lower in fat that comes in a half gallon. It would be a lot cheaper to use that but I dont know if its doable because of the fat content? It would make for some cost friendly content as well as meal prep for vegans. You make things so much understandable. <3

  6. Hey! Could you maybe do some educational videos for IBS and recipes on the low fodmap diet.i find your educational videos so helpful and There are hardly any resources on it, and I'm really struggling to get inspired for healthy meals with such restrictive ingredients. Thanks!

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