1. How does it work for someone working at night shift… I mean if I don't eat at night i will probably be starving by the time I need to go sleep… I haven't find info about it yet. How will circadian clock work or be affected.. How can I be healthier working this shift.. Thanks

  2. You are so wrong! If you get locked in a dark department for longer time, your circadian clock will go wrong with all it affects. Your exposure to Day and night will help re-synchronizing your circadian clock at any time

  3. Dear Dr Panda , It is your excellent and most valuable research for Mankind. With your suggestions and guidelines , our patients are recovering fast from chronic inflammatory diseases. Pl. guide me how can I contact you ? Can anybody use your knoledge in written form with mentioning your name , only to allow those illiterate people not using u tube or computer for boosting their knoledge , particularly in Indian cities. Please guide.

  4. I don't know much about science but 10 months ago I was desperate when I found your book "The Circadian Code" by accident. I follow 90% of what you prescribe in your book in all the areas you cover and it has CHANGED MY LIFE at all 3 levels as you say on the front page!!!
    Thank You

  5. Interesting video on circadian clock. My takeaways:
    1. Setup Night Shift on your Mac and iPhone now. Set it up to "Sunset to sunrise" and turn up the warmness to the maximum at that time. You should sleep better.
    2. Try eating only within 8-11 hours of your first meal. It's important to eat breakfast. So intermittent fasting is healthy, but it shouldn't be from, say, 12pm to 8pm. It should start in the morning. For instance, from 6am to 2-5pm, or from 8am to 4-6pm. It's better to avoid food after 6pm. Not only for weight loss, but for better metabolism and better health.
    3. Try to spend more time outside during daylight, especially in the morning. Blue light helps increase alertness and boosts your energy and mood.

  6. I started doing this a week ago and went from previously waking up in the night between 1am and 3am regularly to sleeping right through the night, from day 1 of restricted eating (between 7am and 7pm). I have slept right through every night and had a really deep, sleep. Try it, it works!!

  7. I worked overnight shift(11pm-7am) for a year and a half. It was not uncommon for me to go 24-36 hrs with no sleep and then sleep for 3-5 hours and do it again. I was under severe stress. And then 5 months in I got white coating on my tongue which was Candida taking over because the gut is connected to you circadian clock. Shortly after that I got depression where I thought about suicide(never thought about actually taking my life but I thought how great it would be if a car would just hit me and get it over with). First 3 weeks after quitting the overnight shift I felt like a zombie during the day. It took me a few months to fully get use to being awake in the daytime and sleeping during the might again. I honestly don’t know how in the world there are people who work overnight shift for 10 plus years.

  8. I would gladly eat only in 10-11 hours timespan most of the week, but I start work at 9:30am and I exercise twice a week between 7-8pm and 10pm. I keep hearing that you need to eat after a workout, so I am kind stuck here 🙁
    (yes I know you're going to say "just exercise during the day" but I can't, it's classes I take and I can only go AFTER work, since I work full time.)

  9. The one thing at confuses me the most of Satchin Pandas work is what takes priority – light or eating window? What if my eating window is 8 hours but doesn't end until midnight? 2am?

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