1. You guys have a cool ass show. I am a avid viewer. You guys should perhaps have a short little video of you guys smoking “ another huge joint!” lol more content for the viewers. Have a good one! Dabs up!

  2. Black gold seal in the late 80's early 90's….. Infact almost all the Foreign hash with exception to the odd batch off bullshit….second to none….What you said about the difference in stone from the hash is why…Absolute glued to the couch with one eye syndrome man, I used to wake up in the 90s with half a joint stuck to my face all the time.

  3. Remo, big opportunity to promote hemp, to help replace plastic. Can't underestimate plastic's destructive qualities. HEMP can simulate plastic products, and be biodegradable. Check out our waterways; Disgusting. Maybe hasn't hit your beautiful BC in a big way, but oceans are filled with floating plastic islands, the size of Texas. A straw at a time.

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