1. I don't know about all these additives. There is a guy in Vermont that grew Girl Scout Cookies and all he did was feed his plants with some chicken manuer stew. All he did and his plants look really great. So you go ahead with spending all that money and for what?

  2. Cali, just found your channel and love it. I definitely subbed. Love this video with the organic soil and having to add no nutrients to it, except a little there at the end, just in case. How much molasses do you add per watering? You give the amount of seaweed and of the urb but not the molasses.

  3. Cali may i say,
    We all love your channel and never do you get old repeating what you feed your plants. In reality it helps us remember Everytime you say it. Your voice is far from annoying and you have mad respect from all of us! Your the only person that will go from start to finish. Thanks!!

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