1. I’m new to this and happen to have started my seeds the same time as you started this series. I’m a week behind you and it couldn’t be better for me so far. Thank you for all the advice on products, soil growing and easy to understand info.

  2. One important point you missed during the day plants photosynthesis! During the night plants do the opposite it takes OXYGEN out of the air combines it with stored carbon releasing it as co2 back into the air plants need increased oxygen at night not more co2 which makes less oxygen available at night! Plants actually do most if the growing during the dark, light isn't everything plants look better with night periods included

  3. I have a little plant under a 400w chinese LED in 18/6 cycle . After a 1 month its height is only 5 cm. Humidity is around 80% as i couldnt afford to a dehumidifire right now. But I will add a dehumidifire asap. My medium is worm casting from a local store. Temperature around 25- 28 celcius. Im watering it @6.0 pH. Most US and Canada nutritions products are not selling to a poor asian country. And I was received the seed from a friend who took a gram to smoke. I dont know the strain or about its genetics. Is such a seed capable of becoming a healthy plant ? Please advice me. Thanks from Sri lanka

  4. To props for the good videos man one of the best on youtube, do you brew a new compost batch everytime you water with it or do you bre a big batch and store it for multiple uses? If so Does it go bad?

  5. I so much enjoy your grows thank you so much. I’m about to start my first grow and the one thing I’m afraid of is pest and mildew. My question is what do you do to spray on your plants. I thought you said you can spray your tea you make to help with pest. Will this be sufficient in controlling pest and mildew? So glad to have your knowledge on the tube. Thank you so much again

  6. Damn Cali G. This is way out of my league.. Hahahaha I'll get there one day.. I understand the fundamentals just fine.. I feel this grow is for the experienced grower not some bozo like me.. Hahaha.. Intoxicating information.. I can really kick back, listen to your video then pause it to kind of visualize and take it all in.. Then proceed.. Really stretching the possibilities to turn growing into my own art form or just get buy.. That is the beauty of growing..
    Thanks for your videos and for sharing your knowledge.. That is very important to pass it along.. Because when we die.. So is our life experience unless we share it with one another.. Isn't that what it's a about..

  7. Hello, i'm a fan from brasil,i love to watch how u treat your plants. here in brasil,it isn't allowed to grow or buy weed, u could get arrested for that. I wish that someday i could visit the USA, u guys probably have a solid market, and lots of researches about the plant.
    Wish u the best cali green.keep the work man.peace

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