1. This is fantastic!!!!! As things are progressing now with the Cannabis discussions in NZ, this is a worthwhile clip to be sharing and educating those out there that may be unaware of the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Thanks for sharing this informative positive information

  2. After a stroke left me unable to walk or talk, i was told about the patent US6630507 1999, this patent is for the use of Cannabis oil rubbed on gums ( micro dosing ) to repair damage caused by an ischemic stroke. After help from "green Fairies " i was able to access this oil.I GOT MY LIFE BACK….4 years later I am nearly 100% back, and do not need the oils anymore…. I also changed my diet..This same patent also mentions Cannabis oil for killing Cancer cells…as found in research back in 1974. MOH are not fools..this is about control…NOT health. soon whole plant smoothies will be the norm..No high, just wellness…we all have a cannabinol system in our bodies..the lies began in 1937…ALL designed to keep Hemp out of production and the world fell for one of the biggest frauds ever pulled off…by the big boys….R Hurst , anslinger and Co..our Government just swallowed the lot hook line and sinker…why ? greedy and STUPID

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