1. Just light up. I'm Republican and been smoking pot since 1973. You want to cut Mexico's cartels out of the money and help control quality then legalize marijuana. It's easy just DO IT.

  2. Kevin Murphy don't care about Marijuana users . They just want to capitalized on it and make Marijuana manufactured (grown ) and distributed by Corporations instead of locally and regionally owned growers and distributors .

  3. Notice after he joined the board at acerage holdings they sold to the largest Canadian marijuana company for 3 and a half billion dollars upon legalizing federally in USA….they already received 300million for a down payment….sounds like Boehner knows something the rest of us dont….legalization IS coming to America 110%

  4. Yeah right,! Sessions wants to keep it illegal. You just want to know how you just want to cash in. MONSANTO wants to cash in. They don't have access to get a card because it is illegal.

  5. Within a few years there will be laws allowing card carriers to grow a certain amount for "personal use". In the same vein, I see 18 year old children obtaining cards and sucking smoke for decades until their minds and teeth have left them. Is this rational? The fact is, the USA is run by criminals, most of them embedded in Washington…

  6. "Evolution of an opinion" has NOTHING to do with marijuana use. The fact is: Medication with specific, controlled amounts of THC, CBD and CBN are currently available as prescription drugs at a nominal price. This silly notion of growing a "plant" with uniform strength and performance is preposterous. Good for potheads though…

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