1. Caffeine makesmy anxiety go crazy, and I feel really crappy.

    Actually this is what I've noticed. Coffee and energy drinks, I feel horrible, heart goes wonky, anxiety goes wild.

    Tea, actually mellows me out, I feel warm, and relaxed. No sugar or milk for me please.

  2. I'll agree that tea is better than coffee before exercise, but is constricting arteries always a bad thing compared to dilating arteries? Consider that constricting arteries is like flexing our muscles vs. relaxing our muscles. To say dilating our arteries is always beneficial is like saying relaxing our muscles is always beneficial.

  3. For years I drank green tea while working out. Just loved green tea and somehow ended up drinking it and thinking I should workout.. been doing that for years. It gave me more energy and less thirsty actually during my workouts

  4. From London. I am a fan of this channel. Sometimes, life is a luck of the draw. My work colleague was a fitness freak. Had a blood clot in leg. Died age 25 years. I like tea. But will ease off milk. Drink more green tea. Thank you for this wonderful free education .

  5. Tons of studies about coffee are contradictory. Coffee is healthy and contains antioxidants. Just don’t drink it all day long. I remember reading about a guy who went into liver failure from over drinking green tea every day. Anything, even healthy foods, can be toxic in large quantities. Let’s put in into context and perspective.

  6. With all the smoke from the bushfires covering Sydney at the moment I started drinking a cup of coffee first thing in the morning again after a couple of months not having coffee.
    The coffee somehow stops the smoke from turning me into a zombie and I have to get through this past week

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