1. Legalizing marijuana would actually prevent incidents such as this because it would create dispensary’s where people could get safe, lab tested cannabis without the worry of it being laced. There are so many benefits for legalization that you would have to be a complete troglodyte to vote against it.

  2. this dude is quite uneducated. Black market would be destroyed if marijuana was legalized at a federal level. If states sold it, it would be regulated far more and people wouldn’t have to meet at a corner store or in public to get their herb. They’d go spend it at the pot shop.. and no one would trust black market if fentanyl was a real problem in marijuana. Fentanyl is a real problem in fake or generic opiates and pills these cluck ass drug dealers are selling. We are so past the marijuana prohibition stage that it’s getting rediculous

  3. that's the objective the corrupt govt releases fentanyl into weed to the drug dealers so they can claim they should control weed .use your brains they been doing this since the Nazis (Democrat party) took control of our country in the 20s

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