1. I have tried the CBD oil orally and tried it applied it directly to the affected body part. I find the direct to the skin method works best for me. (Nerve damage in a foot from a back injury, both shoulder injuries from falls and the ten year old back injury. ) It does help.

  2. I am so sorry that your pain is bad.. I will pray that you find relief and healing in Jesus name. I know that is the only thing that truly works. You had an awesome day it seemed. Love the ducks. Hugs to you and your dad… looking forward to more out and abouts.

  3. There’s a huuuuge Death Cab For Cutie Concert in the Field next to our place and since they’re from here in Bellingham WA there’s over 13,000 people there lol it’s crazyyyy!! There’s sooo many pot shops around here eddy always laughs and says “there popping up like weeds around here” lol

  4. You have mentioned arthritis pain, you should try some of their CBD/THC edibles. Only draw back will be all the taxes the state wants. If you get a medical marijuana card you may get a discount on the price, they do in WA state anyway.

  5. I’m a fairly new subscriber and I really enjoy your channel and you and your dad just have too much fun 😀 I love the fact that you guys have a great relationship and you do so many great things and go wherever!!! Awesome dad daughter relationship ♥️ There’s lots of your videos I need to watch that were done before I subscribed. I love your sense of humor and I swear I have a relative that you remind me of and she brings me to a smile if my day isn’t going so well. Take care and God Bless you both !!

  6. Hi Stacey hope the CBD oil helps your pain. You are a wonderful daughter to your dad and I am sure your dad is also wonderful to you. It is nice to see you two doing things together we need more people like you and your dad in this world today.

  7. Happy to see you trying the CBD oil. I do have a question though, are you sure they told you only two drops under your tongue? CBD oil really is a wonderful medical help. It has stopped all my neuropathy and helped with other problems. You may need to increase the amount to 1 ML under your tongue 2 to three times a day. A ML would be one dropper full. Do what they told you but I will be surprised if two drops help much at all. It should also be a full spectrum CBD oil. Hemp seed oil can also help. There are a few good oils out there but many not so good. Research is the key. Start with low doses and build from there. You will find a sweat spot that will work for you. Good luck. It will work for 90% of the population.

  8. Hubby uses the oil for pain &/or anxiety. Works for both. I use it for sleep but it doesn't make him sleepy. But he's 100 pounds bigger and a foot taller, so ya know. It's great stuff!

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