1. I used miracle grow throughout veg and besides a little salt build up in the soil that could have been fixed with running little more water through the pot it did great.

  2. Did you check the Ph drift in the old water you maybe able to leave at 6.9 and if it’s ammonia nitrate orbuffer to make neutral Ph it may pull down on ph instead of up I will be using MG with my grow and I am thinking that’s why it’s always been 7 after adding the MG food!

  3. What’s happening man! These ever go into flower? 8 weeks+ in veg. That’s a good long veg for DWC isn’t it?

    Miracle grow uses Urea based Nitrogen. Urea needs to be converted by bacteria into Nitrate before the plant can readily use it. I bet your clay pebbles had no bacteria but after 4-5 weeks they naturally developed a big enough colony to start processing the Urea. That can also be why there was little root mass in the water. No free floating Nitrate in the water for the roots to attack. It was all in the little bacteria colonies in the clay.

    At week 6 after your second full strength feeding. They looked iron deficient. At full strength Miracle grow might have too much Manganese in the water. That would inhibit iron uptake.

  4. Anyone still waiting on results? I'm doing a mini version at home. And by mini I mean teeny tiny. Purely experimental. Prolly get like two ounces. But I'm using the same nutes and pH and dwc. I'm probably gonna flower it in a week or two, then I'll let y'all know how it goes when it's done.

  5. Isn’t it such a pleasure to dial in a grow 😎 Looking forward to seeing the end result! I could’ve told you MG works. I’m one of those old hippies 😐 but I just laugh, and smoke , for pennies on the dollar, at you growers that spend hundreds on every grow. Soil is the same… half strength

  6. when do you know when to change the res? and when you ph down will it keep it at that ph for a while because i heard it rises after a while. How many gallons do you fill the 5 gal bucket every time you switch the res?

  7. This honestly really don’t surprise me. I’ve actually slowed down on what nutrients i use and keep it basic. And been getting the same results. I use to buy all kinds of nutrients and additives thinking my plants would do a lot different and never got the results i was sold. Some did work better then other but in yield, it came down the the plant not the nutrients

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