Dr. Peter Brukner – 'LOW CARB: Guidelines and Position Statements'

Dr. Peter Brukner - 'LOW CARB: Guidelines and Position Statements'

Peter Brukner OAM, MBBS, FACSP, FACSM, FASMF, FFSEM is a specialist sports and exercise physician and the founding partner at the Olympic Park Sports …


  1. meanwhile For the last 10 months I have been carnivore (dirty version a bit) and have saved my own life from congestive heart disease and also have lost 85 lbs as a bonus. Those liars almost killed me! I am eating cheapo bacon and eggs right now with 2 small slices of avocado (there is the dirty part-LOL). When I stick to pure carnivore I do even better physically! But I have PTSD and it is hard and I just admit I am not perfect and move on!

  2. These institutions are bought and paid for by big pharma and big food. Once we take controle of our health, they will lose trillions and a lot of power. Keep up the good fight 💪🇸🇪

  3. Okay, 2.5 years low carb, 6 months Keto, and the results are: Fasting insulin: 1.4 / HOMA-IR: 0.3 / BMI 23.6. Like Mr. James Brown used to say: I feel good!
    Thanks, Peter.

  4. Huge improvements from what it has been. Change takes long time but we can already see that the change is coming. I believe that in next 10 years we will have keto/lchf seen positively by those associations and keto/lchf is used much more to treat t2d etc.

  5. 3:01 i cured my kidney failure within 2 months after eating keto. going from a creatine clearance of 58 to one of 118…. so yeah it might heal your kidney failure within 2 months, very dangerous. according to my MD I am cured of my Kidney condition, she said that hesitantly at the end of our talk Mr you basically dont have kidney failure no more

  6. The saddest thing about these findings is the push-back against low carb diets is so overwhelmingly threatening to the drug companies and the processed food companies. These people need us sick and need us to eat as much processed food as possible to make the millions in profit they rely on. How can we honestly fight this? Processed food tastes so good and stressed parents (and stressed populations) give in to the demand for this type of food because it is 'easy'. It's so discouraging.

  7. Another generation or two with epidemic diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and obesity and the establishment might even change another whole sentence in the guidelines. 🤷‍♂️

  8. Which people are they studying?!? I’ve been on their crappy dietary advice for 40 years and it led me to obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure! Great for them as they’re all earning by selling me loads of pills with no chance to ever come off it if I only keep following their guidelines. Anyway, following keto and intermittent fasting has normalised my a1c, blood pressure and cholesterol. I’ve also lost over 50 pounds by eating great food and not starving myself. Now my GP is worried his money source is dwindling and he’s started telling me that I’ll be suffering severe side effects long term by not eating enough carbs… yeah right. I actually think this borders on criminality by a group of people who we are supposed to be able to trust to help us get healthier! They’re making us very sick instead! I’m just really angry about what’s going on…

  9. All I can say is – spread the word folks! At some point people will see the truth and realize their doctors are either corrupt or just ignorant. It amazes me every single day how much crappy food surrounds us (in the stores, restaurants, on the teli commercials) Imagine …instead of junkfood and refined carbs & sugars they just sell and prepare healthy foods. Such a crazy idea right? Well I guess it‘s really up to us to teach our kids and help our friends/family understand. Living LCHF, IF, OMAD, LC-Vegan, Carnivore will save humanity! No more suffering, just living. Help those you know with Diabetes, Dimentia, Cancer. It will be hard, but don’t give up. Also disease prevention should be on the agenda, not just reacting when they are already sick. We‘ve got lots to do people 🤓

  10. Have you ever noticed on TV when the Keto comes up the host always "Oh that's fat oh no I couldn't" and the subject is dropped right away. It never occurs to them that a nice bowl of blueberries and cream with coffee and cream might be nice. Or bacon and eggs for brekkie. NO! It's just FAT…….

  11. I question the promotion of “plant” based diets, probably in support of mock meat, as the plants-based food is made from wheat and soy not colourful vegetables like I had imagined.

  12. Great talk Peter, I'm wondering how some of these people sleep at night, happy to feather their own nest regardless of the health outcomes of sick people all so they can save face. It literally makes me sick.

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