1. There is a significant amount of caloric restriction in the 2nd study with a normal 2300 calorie diet one day and nothing but some berries and milk the second day (800 calories max) This would be roughly an average of 1600 calories per day. The real question is whether or not it is the intermittent fasting or caloric restriction that is causing the improved health outcomes. From my memory and what I've read, it is the caloric restriction that is likely the cause of the improvement, although fasting makes it easier to restrict calories by increasing leptin levels and decreased ghrelin levels.

    TL;DR: Intermittent fasting makes caloric restriction easier which is likely the actual cause of health benefits and increased longevity.

  2. No reason to fast if you’re on a WFPB diet. Obviously if you eat nothing but junk all the time then of course fasting would be beneficial as you’re not putting junk in your body.

  3. I respect Greger. However I don’t think it scientifically right just picking few negative papers while majority research proved the benefits of all types of fasting. In addition He is not expert in this field.

  4. Great video. I appreciate your time sharing this video. I've done different types of fasts through the yrs from (extreme/hard dry), normal/water fast- for a long water fast will have juice or broth for strength), to partial fasts/IF, Juice/smoothie fast to OMAD) with amazing results. The Daniel fast w/veg & water Only is one I've yet to try. The benefits of fasting for the body mind and spirit is the TRUTH!. One shouldn't jump on a fast without doing their research first and seeking advice from their Dr. especially if taking medication. Fasting 2 days out of the week and making it a ritual routine works wonder, especially if seeking to get closer to God. Many ppl die from all types of diseases and we don't have to. We need to starve these diseases and we do this by fasting. They have lied to us from the beginning of time, they teach us that if we don't eat for a few days we can die 'LIES' and that when you hit starvation mode you get sick and it's a sign to eat or die 'LIES'. When you fast you will experience headaches, pale tongue, sore throat, dizzy spells, nauseating, muscle aches, anxiety, mood swings the list of symptoms goes on (everyone is different so different results for everyone, & many will experience the same symptoms) when you experience these symptoms during your fast it means the toxins are leaving your body THIS IS A GOOD THING. Do not be afraid AND DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.

    Fasting can reverse many ailments and will break many addictions from sugar, alcohol, bad habits the list goes on. It won't be easy, you will have temptations but it will be all worth it in the end so keep fighting. Accept that you will have to endure pain and suffering till the hump is over, YOURSELF WILL THANK YOU LATER. It's like when someone that is addicted to heroin stops using, debilitating withdrawal symptoms set in, including muscle aches, anxiety, desperation, fear, etc. Also, depending on the person's lifestyle, you will have to do a fast longer than others and this is not an overnight thing.. to reverse a disease all depending, you have to fast longterm taking baby-steps and changing your eating habits will.

    Keep in mind any addiction like drugs/sugar/alcohol etc you consume it alters brain chemistry, so you will experience a number of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms during the detox as mentioned above. There is so much to learn with fasting and how good it is for us. For those who never done a fast before start with IF and moving a notch up. You have to experience it for yourself. Fasting is the fountain of youth, it rejuvenates the immune system, it slows the aging process and decreases cancer risk. Fasting is very rewarding. If interested in fasting there are many books out there on fasting. I bought many books on fasting, to name a few Fasting by Jetezen Franklin, The daniel fast and The daniel fast for weight loss, Fasting by Derek Prince and no I am not affiliated with any this is not an advertisement just trying to help anyone looking into fasting. I have also learned a lot from Joy Blair she is an anointed woman of God also has many books out and fasting is 1 of her main topics. When you fast and include God with prayers you will experience a powerful spiritual encounter with God. Check out sister Joy Blair channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ghLOJ_t8pbIb4Pg4oPzfw God bless

  5. Despite all of the good efforts put in Dr. Greger’s work, I find it hard to come out with a reasonable conclusion sometimes on a subject due to the fact that he stacks mind-spinning evidences on opposite directions at the same time. It’d be super if he Concludes at the end, instead of leaving it an open end.

  6. Jebus Cryesus… The idiocy! The people on the Spanish study were they fasting? Fruits and milk? So fructose and lactose? On 900 calories? Poor people! Everything in this video is misleading. That's not how you intermittent fast.

  7. i swear this dude is one of the smartest people on the planet
    almost done with his "how not to die" audiobook
    the daily dozen is fantastic
    its life changing
    i love you greger
    keep shining your light 🙂

  8. I was over weight with diabetes and my intestines were literally rotting (chronic diverticulitis). I had a fatty cirrhotic liver. I felt like dying everyday. I started fasting for 24 hrs every other day. I started taking milk thistle, marshmallow root and a 20billion 9 strain probiotic everyday. I eat what I want when I want on my non fasting days. NOTE: by nature your body starts rejecting crappy food and leans towards richer proteins and good fats like avocados. No longer diabetic, no longer cirrhotic, no more diverticulitis flare ups and normal weight…..

  9. Thought one of the main points of your book was about keeping as active as possible so that you can eat as much calories whole plant foods to flood your body with antioxidants. Seems if you calorie restrict or fast than goes completely against this.

  10. This topic will be restricted / squashed just and treated with careful "tobacco science" by big food and big medicine…. and less healthy things like the meat and cheese KETO diet promoted …. More death and disease = more profit ..

  11. Starving then binging is not good for health or emotional state. Best to be in a routine of eating very basic same old food. If you start playing games with smoothies, nuts or nut butters, vegan desserts/confections, or sweet fruits, you can easily get into a craving binging scenario. Plain old whole starchy staples and vegetables is the best way with modest fruit.

  12. Dear Dr. Gregor,

    I have a very important question to ask and would be extremely happy about any form of reply!
    I recently did a complete DNA/microbiome test, where they tested my gut bacteria and other gut markers.

    My markers generally speaking pretty good. They found out that my microbiome is dominated by the "Ruminococcus" bacteria. However, it turned out that I am laking some bacteria that I find to be pretty crucial. They categorized by vitamin producing (we are talking about b12 and K) bacteria, which seem to be close to non-existent, or even non-existent in my gut. Regarding B12 it is Propionibacterium, Bacillus, and Lactobacillus that all mark 0.0. Looking at Vitamin K it is Enterobacter, Lactococcus, and Serratia with 0.0.

    My question is: Are the bacteria essential to build the vitamin. I know B12 is build by bacteria. So what if there is a lack of the bacteria producing B12. Can you counteract it with supplementation? I could send the report too, it's in German though. 😀

    I have been plant-based for about 5 years now, 24 years old, 183cm (6"0) and about 93kg. I do strength training so I would say I am overweight, but a body fat percentage of 18% could be true, Christmas is approaching…

  13. so, I still feel confused about this. I'm on my 30s but want to know if I can go for this to keep my weight in the line since I love eating a high starchy diet. Thanks!

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