1. Can someone answer this question, I am going to grow this strain but I am not sure how it works if I get a male plant it doesn’t bud? Or why did u get rid of the make plant please answer?

  2. So what I did is every other day I had the timer for lights set 18-6 however I tweaked it , every other day I flopped the hour to give them one more hour of light . Example day one 18-6 ( 9 pm -3am) day 3 I would push the on time one hour and off one hour ( 10-4) then and did this till time was 11-5 am .. gave them just a little extra light to grow

  3. Love all the vids man I’m growing same strain day 11 out of ground , 4 are all about 2 in x 1-1/2 and developing more leaves I’m really wanting to feed them with cal mag lightly to jump start them but I’m not going to , I need to find some seaweed extract

  4. I dont know if the temp is wrong or something but it seems very slow to me this growth.
    In 30 days from germination my plants manage to grow a lot get rootbound in 11 liter pots and get topped in the process.
    After that I transplant, wait a week and flip the lights to flower.
    Using 600w hps. Even at seedling stage, no problems for me and no stretch.
    Using only water at the right PH and some grow nutes here and there.

  5. Hey! Love your videos. But curious, aside from the love of growing. Is there a reason to spend all that time and effort on males? Is there something about feminized seeds that are not as good? Much love from the opposite coast and much more north 🙂

  6. You use a lot of gear…
    It is "completely organic" indeed, but it's definitely not sustainable: every liter of "RO water" ('Take a shot every time he says R.O water') means that 3 or 4 liters of 'waste water' have gone (reverse osmosis water has a ratio of 1 liter clean every 3 or 4 of waste water)…using it for human consumption is already arguable but for growing weed, simply evaporated water (also suitable for the humidifier) will perfectly do…unless you're using urine (and would be, no joke, perfectly igienic!) to get your "RO water", in which case: fair enough! 🙂

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