1. Crop your leaves 24 hours before taking the clone. Also some strains can and prefer to clone at lower humidities, though this is rare and highly desirable. Your clones should not look wilted or sad at any point, if they do you need to refine your process or tailor one for that specific phenotype. The bottom one or two nodes may sag I would consider this acceptable. A great advantage to keeping your clones from wilting or feeling poopy throughout the process is they will start growing in the clone chamber, going from static healthy looking to leaves pointed up towards the strongest light source and this typically happens before you will see any evidence of roots if your doing it right. I'm going to stop before this becomes a phd thesis.

  2. Very doubtful that using rooting hormone for cloning will have any residual effects on the safety of medical cannabis. There are only a couple of popular hormones used for cloning and they are naturally occurring substances in cannabis but used in higher concentrations for a specific effect. By the time the cannabis is mature and ready for harvest there will be nothing left of the hormone. used in the initial cloning procedure. But really, cannabis seems to root fairly easily so as stated in this video, using it is optional and may just speed up the process by a few days.

  3. hi there, I have been growing for about 1 1/2 years. seeds only, now that I'M TRING TO CLONE. Im not sure what im doing wrong, I have killed 30 clones and I feel like breaking everything. yes, im pist

  4. I cloned A G13 mother plant, G13 I got from dr. Greenthumb who eventually ripped me off in the end, for 7 years, clones so stinky it stink up my house and the neighborhood just growing it. Fires be very aware of dr. Greenthumb not to be confused with the green thumb dude from that band.

  5. I came here with a question, How many times can you clone Weed? For example, if I germinate a seed, grow a mother seedling and clone the plant once it's the right size. I then take this off-cut clone and grow it big enough again to cut away a new clone from the current clone, grow the new clone and etc continue what happens to the plant down the line? The point of this question is can you just harvest your mother straight up, after cloning her grow the clones harvest them, after cloning the clones etc. Sorry if this is mighty confusing but I'm super interested in what happens to the plant after being cloned so many times. Raises so many questions. Like could you visually see changes on the plant or would the plant not clone past a certain point, yeah hehe super interesting and countless questions :P.

  6. Hey! Iv bin looking everywhere to find vids of someone cloning the main stock from a 3ft or 2ft plant. Can you do one please? I want to see what it’s like to take thicker clones

  7. Pro tip: cloning gel is a waste of money.

    Use 100% natural honey.

    This season I've cut 35 clones using this method with basic soil and frequent misting with pH'ed water.

    I lost 2 clones due to overheating as the sun unexpectedly hit my humidity dome. Entirely my mistake which could have been avoided. If it weren't for tgat mishap I'd have had 100% success rate. Much better than I've seen with Clonex or similar products. All of them had rapid root growth and brilliant node growth after a rootball formed.

    Use honey folks! Clonex is a waste!

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