1. No way! You don't look 52!!! My sister has Lupus and I'd love for her to try this! I'd love for her to try my Plexus ProBio 5 as well. Gotta fix the gut first and the ProBio 5 has enzymes that kill that bad bacteria PLUS it adds the good bacteria. I am SO glad that you are being helped by this CBD. I'll show this video to my sister!

  2. My pain doc recommends it for my pain and anxiety. It works as a add on with my meds.
    It helps me with no more night terrors yeah 👍
    The purple under the eyes looks great!
    Great explained again as always you always do your research.thank you

  3. I applaud your bravery in reviewing this product. I know a lot of influencers steer clear of anything that could possibly be seen negatively. I will get this for my mother thank you again.

  4. Hi Kendy You look Beautiful love your eye makeup. I am also loving the background. I have tried CBD oil before and it didn't help with the Fibromyalgia Pain but it did give me a headache. I know that could be from the quality of the oil. And the cost was high. However really curious about this brand and if it would help I need to look into it some more. I am concerned about the cost usually when something works is expensive unfortunately. Thank you so much for the information and I will be checking it out. 🤟💜

  5. Hi Kendy! Love your background and your makeup. I suffer from depression, sleeplessness and pain every day. I recently got a small bottle of cbd from a health food store. It did help with the pain and is expensive. Can you say the cost of the bottle you showed? If it's in my budget and helps with my other issues I will definitely buy it. Love you Kendy! 💜💚🎄⛄❄😎

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