1. from my experience its just a lobotomizing drug. it will give you the illusion of relaxness but its the opposit its jsut going to tens you so much that "puff" your mind will vanish exactly like psychiatric drucs like neuroleptics. never take a drop of it. just do sport and free your mind from your troubles if you want to heal your body

  2. This oil is tasty! It comes in 3 flavors, sour diesel is fun.This oil also has the entourage effect. This simply means that cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, along with the hundreds of other compounds, along with the terpenes, are meant to work together. It's the whole plant that does the best job, not just a single compound.

  3. It's no miracle, but i've had a stresfull situation, like high tense, so it helped on the moment. doesn't seem to last long term though for me, 10%.
    expensive as shit too though.

  4. I use Dr. Hemp Me 10% CBD oil for anxiety and it works amazingly well. I have not been this calm for a sustained period of time in years. Really has given me my life back. One thing to remember when trying CBD oil for anxiety is CBD is biphasic meaning, low doses and high doses provide completely different effects. Always start low with CBD as too much may actually exacerbate the condition. I have made that mistake so if it happens you don't worry just take less the next time.

  5. Great video Douglas, but please try not call it marijuana, that was a name pinned unto the cannabis plant during the efforts to make cannabis illegal. The reason being that it sounded Mexican.

  6. You never want to manage anxiety if it’s your body’s way of speaking to you , or it’s health problems manifesting themselves as anxiety. It’s like borrowing money from a credit card that you don’t have but will have to somehow make up for . Please find the root cause first .

  7. I have been taking CBD oil for about 3 weeks and I have noticed how much it calms me but my heart has been skipping beats and has increased over time. Has anyone else experienced this?

  8. I would just like to say for the benefit of people who are very unstable and are thinking of using dope in its natural form, please be careful as it can in some cases push you over the edge. I learned this lesson years ago when friends of mine told me a bad trip was impossible🤔. Everybody is different and that's why it's important to be aware that other people's experience is there's and there's alone. Follow your heart, only you can know for sure if something has a positive or negative effect so don't run with the herd.
    Cheers Douglas old bean, keep up the good work.

  9. did you do blind test with someone zapping your cbd with a inactive replacement to rule out the placebo effect ? medical studies are using at least 1000mg per daily intake, with a dropper of the commercial allowed products with low concentrations you must have used only 10-25mg and at such low dosage doctors claim you only get the benefit of the placebo effect. beware of non biased information source because at the very high prices these commercial cbd exctracts are sold we can suspect a very high level of fake information.

  10. I tryed CBD for the 1st time a week ago I didn't have anxiety for like 5 days I ran out of cbd oil and I had a anxiety yesterday so today I got paid and got me some more I cant say for sure yet but I'm all most positive the cbd helped so I'm back on it

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