1. Definitely do your research, surprising but I was not only not interested in regular meds for anxiety but also kind of lazy bad combo. So it helps if you have a friend to point you in the direction of a high quality offering. My friend got me to try Amara which is non GMO, pesticide free, organic and way less expensive per mg than the brands online or at Whole Foods, they give you 20% off if you email amaracbdoil @ gmail. com (remove spaces.)

  2. I bought CBD oil from my local whole food store this brand called " improve me" 10 % CBD full spectrum…n seriously this was the best decision of my life not exaggerating I suffer from severe anxiety and this is the first and only thing (apart from diet n excercise) that has had such a great effect.the relief is instant.so IV been taking it for a week …I started with taking 5 drops morning and evening (or sometimes more if anxiety is bad) but quickly I realised that's too much so now m only taking 3 small drops midday n night …u guys I can't tell how much it relieves my anxiety…as it's god gift to me….the brand improve me is on the pricier side but effect was so great I don't mind….but I'll continue my research n find something strong but affordable….guys this plant is God's gift to humankind…..m just Soo relieved finally something natural that gives me comfort 💖💖💖💖💖

  3. Full-spectrum CBD works better than broad-spectrum. The THC helps activate the CBD. Your not going to get high on broad spectrum CBD. It would be like trying to get drunk on non-alcoholic beer.

  4. I just started using true full spectrum cbd oil by a naturopathic Dr that makes it herself, has her own practice and health food store. I was recommended the 1075mg bottle and use 5 drops at night and morning to help me sleep and my anxiety with PTSD complex and it’s been working wonders. I only actually use 3 drops at night and 1 drop in the morning and My anxiety is non existent now, my nightmares have gone away. I have better sleep and wake up so refreshed.

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