CBD Infused Cigar JSK Nuggs | LeeMack912 Cigar Review (S05 E34)

CBD Infused Cigar JSK Nuggs | LeeMack912 Cigar Review (S05 E34)

JSK Nuggs is the first CBD infused premium cigar. With San Andres or Ecuadorian Connecticut, each cigar is infused with 20 mg of CBD solution. LeeMack912 …


  1. I appreciate the video I’m a distributor in Deleware I own my own cbd company! Your fine with your job it will not cause a problem! We will offer the nuggs soon! I Offer hemp also if you would like to try I will send you some!

  2. Cool review! 🙂
    If you want to experiment with cbd tho, this is one of the worse ways i can think of, combustion and not inhaling isn't gonna give you much. 16:40 sums the point up up pretty well 😛

  3. Another great review but I’ll pass on this one. I’ll add this: a blender who masters the right amount of CBD/THC in a great tasting cigar will likely have a hit on their hands. It was tough saying I was having a great day the last few days, lost my 10 year old golden retriever yesterday from cancer. She was my best friend, my mate, my “2nd daughter.” If one has fur mates, and I know you have one Mack, give them an extra hug…never know when that time comes. 🐶 I guess that holds true in life as well.

  4. I grow medical marijuana for a living, 2 warehouses full. CBD from hemp is right next door to useless. The best results Ive ever seen is in combination with THC. But there is NO way im gonna smoke a cigar infused with CBD.

  5. Love the "Slow down" Brand Nubian reference in the intro Nice! My wife has been looking into CBD for some time now and started trying the mouth drip oil. I'll have to show her this review, maybe now I can get her to smoke a cigar with me lol. Also, when are you showing off that truck? Peace my brother.

  6. A new market hype, hemp flower in a cigar, the tobacco industry invested several billion in the cannabis industry a month back. Hey Enjoy the Shows, love cigars and Homegrown green. Peace

  7. First post…Love your vids. I have seen these cigars for a few months now. I have concerns about combining the two. The FDA is really messing with the cigar industry. Could this be opening the door for further scrutiny of the cigar industry? Could it bring the anti-cannabis DEA into the cigar industry? I hope not. Why give the government any more ammunition to pry into our personal affairs? I love my cigars and use CBD daily but believe they should not be combined. I smoked a CBD infused cigar…I agree the tobacco was not what I would not be considered premium.

  8. Brother leemack! Interesting review! I personally is a fan of the benefits of marijuana lol! Haven’t tried the cbd but interesting! Also didn’t know u was in between jobs! Hope all is well brother! I email u soon and exchange numbers. Take care

  9. "Maybe you just need to smoke some weed?" 😂😂😂… Man I died laughing when you said that… But true… If I could working on plane I swear I would but hey once it's legalize federally the faa should follow suit just like drinking a beer off work after all they have drug test that can test if u just smoked or was it 8 hrs prior so they need to stop bsing and let us smoke some damn weed lol after all with the stress we deal with in this industry of keeping millions of lives safe by keeping these planes safe we need the stress relief qualities of the weed cuz a drink after a hard day in this field doesn't do the Wooosah that's needed to go back the next day with a clear head so yeah need to smoke some damn weed lmfao 😂😂😂😅😅😅😂😂

  10. Wow just when u thought nothing else could be CBD lol guess I'll have to try this since I use the CBD vape oil… Official CBD though… U know since the farm bill everyone pumping CBD problem is a lot of its fake Dr oz did a test and 7 out of 10 products he bought there were no CBD in it even from health stores so yeah gotta do the research to make sure u dealing with a reputable company and like u I can't get caught slipping with the THC so I but from a company that has zero THC and only use CBD insulate and is also 3rd party tested to ensure its pure CBD and no THC and it's good stuff does exactly what I use it for so I can cut back on the pain meds for my back so yeah definitely good the stuff I use

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