1. my friend just died hours ago with stage 4 Leukemia too bad in our country Marijuana Medicinal is not yet approved in our Government My name is Francis From Philippines

  2. My 3 year old boy named Landon in the same exacty situation. I was told that he would most likely go into remission after 36 days of chemo. After the 36 days I was told that my Landon had .002 of the cancer left in his body. And to combat that low level of cancer. He would need a even higher dosage for another 50 or so more days! Need info! Help!!! Email: Charles@numberonemotorcycles.com 954-638-1094 https://www.gofundme.com/baby-landon-fighting-leukemia

  3. Hi mykala,my son also got these leukemia,he battling cncer fo 4 years.Chemotherapy is not working to him,now the doctor suggested that we go through radiation,i really want to try this cannabis oil,but the problem is,our country is not legal for this method..After all research,i think cannabis oil is the best..

  4. When life gives you reason to be sad say No and Make the world know that you have more than a thousand reasons to smile.I

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  5. How you deal with the doctors to allow you to try something like that's? How can do determinate the dose? I am super interested how can I get more information. I think chemo is poisoning my son.

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