1. I’m in Alberta, that’s a nice garden indeed, was that Johnny cash I heard in the background? Glad I stumbled upon your videos, I bought a recurve and am shaking off the rust, my son wants an English longbow style of bow so that’s how I found your channel, I was researching longbows and saw your one called “how good can you get” that hooked me.

  2. I have my medical card now in Florida and hope to grow my own with in the next year or so. If not i will still have a setup similar to you with someone helping grow me my medicine. Thank You for sharing look Amazing keep on growing friend. You do a Great job love seeing your cat she look so happy you are a Badass all the way around no if and or buts about it.

  3. i dont like pot myself…think it stinks like ass. but right now my dad is going through chemo and he smokes it. helps get through some shitty days with that poison going through his body so im all for pot in that regards. so grow on!

  4. Hey brother before flower u have keep Light on for 18 hour and off for 6 hours…..once u switch to 12 hour on 12.off well flower..if u start off at 12 or 13 hours off your throwing the plant off proper schedule u well get alot less bud in the end that way

  5. I heard that arrows fly straighter when your high. And when shooting all by yourself…it is lot's of fun too. Nice mini jungle you got there Gare. Just need some mango mama…dishing up the ice cream this winter. NAH. Later man.

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