1. “You see the same God that might not even exits becomes real to us but only when we’re dying in bed”. NF It’s not spiritual. It’s your heart trying to find the faith. You know God is with you otherwise you would’ve never prayed. He listened to you. And tried to show you what he can put together in your life. Maybe instead of moving on with things you should look into what/who saved your sons life. Thank God he is ok!! Also God doesn’t measure how good of a person you are based on your standards. It’s based on his.

  2. Idc how busy or how much work i have my girl should never have to feel like she needs to ask me if im busy when its something so serious like my kid being rushed to emergency smh Brendan is a diva put his wife appointment first plan to talk to him

  3. I take CBD for sleep and anxiety, works wonders. It's legal in my country but it's incredibly hard to obtain, there's like one doctor per million that can prescribe it, some people literally are on their death bed and still can't get a prescription for it. So I import it from the states, god bless America.

  4. Is it not surprising, a man with no belife or faith of a good/creator behind it all, in his most vanrable moments will call upon this good /creator. It sounds like the most funniest thing to do, you go through life saying people are stupid for believing in something they cannot see or prove yet they themselves in life threatening situations start begging the creator for help. They are in Soo much trouble and when they realise no one alive can help them, they turn to the only one who can. Ironic. Look for the creator, you might find him without a near death experience.

  5. CBD is Amazing and Brendan I know people will talk bad about my comment You Were praying and the only true God was listening Jesus Christ is healing me and I've seen visions ..I use to think the bible might be bullshit and now I Know Prayer Works I pray all day everyday it doesn't need to be out loud Jesus can here your prayers in your head.. It's 2019 A.D. yes after the death of The Messiah The Healer Jesus Christ. God Bless Y'all.

  6. Being a good person doesn't mean anything it's good to be a good person but thinking there's some big man in the sky controlling our lives is ridiculous it's just random sorry.

  7. Cbd is the shit I have back pain and I used to eat a bunch of pain pills which is obviously not healthy so I switched to cbd it works way better and is more affordable

  8. i used to have those same seizures in the middle of the night and my mom never freaked out cause i was able to correct my breathing like i'd be uncontrollably spitting and my body heat was crazy. idk if i was doing karate at the time probably not but yea i would just sit in butterfly position and it'd go away. i also got dropped on the back of my head even earlier and have a scar so that might be something to do with it but babies are resilient so idk.

  9. Knob head like you put a show before your kid… I wouldn’t put anything 1st before my children’s health… talks out of his arse all the time… fuck you Schaub you muggy twat…

  10. Logan Paul saying that he wants to adopt and he’s ready for fatherhood… you literally just had the worst year of your life and made countless terrible decisions. And you want to take care of a small human?!?! Ye crazy!

  11. Spirituality is one half of religion. Just because you can separate it from its religious roots doesn't mean its more useful that way. Just like blindly adhering to the rules and traditions recommended by religious texts isn't as useful as when its incorporated within spirituality. They go together. The rules ground the spirituality, and the spirituality adds life to the rules.

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