1. All i can notice is everytime you hit the pen your (not) advertising its an edit when your hitting it then you blow out a big cloud but when you hit the second pen it doesn’t cut so im guessing they are both the second pen with some edit work. Just my thoughts 💭 lol

  2. You guys need to try some Tropicana cookies this wax is unbelievable and the weed is good too I'm dabbing some East Coast Sour Diesel I got away from the cartridges just get yourself a dab Vape known as a wax Vape

  3. My homeboy went to Vegas last month he had a real good time he got the smoke weed on the street the cops don't give a f*** they rather see people smoke weed then black tar heroin that's what's big out there when they see people puffer on sticky sticky green green there's nothing to worry about the overdose is just to get something to eat or pass out and go to sleep weed doesn't kill crack kills

  4. I got a nice dab pen today my apx wax vaporizer I'm waiting for the coils to come in the mail I picked up a j pen today it has Deez Nutz that cartoon character it's pretty cool not bad for 30 bucks we had a vaporizer strike in Massachusetts it's over now everybody still crying over the Vape cartridges when are they coming back who cares if they come back they're just unsafe causing kidney problems and lung problems stick with your dabs and shatter and crumble it's all wax way more potent than smoking a joint and it's easy to get away with I don't feel like getting the $300 fine Massachusetts is so weak for marijuana they should have never opened up dispensaries Massachusetts is the weakest state for marijuana I have friends that went to Las Vegas and had a wonderful time and got really f*** up they also went to Los Angeles California marijuana scene is way better out there but you know what the Massachusetts dispensaries say it's all new yeah okay that's why Massachusetts is the highest price they charge you text three times don't waste your time coming to Massachusetts yuck

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