1. Give them a dark period of ATLEAST 4 hours. It'll help build bigger stronger roots and also helps with that maturing issue u had. I think buds are bigger with a dark period but that's probably due to bigger stronger roots. I started one auto with 24hours of light and it was wobbly in the soil compared to the one only getting 18 hours of light

  2. Why they took so long to start flowering because usually it takes like 3 -4weeks (21-28days from the rise of seedling ) ? I loved dutchpassion but I couldn't get them germinate properly (20-25% germination success ) but i hope sometime i get them also in my list again. But its only auto flowers.
    Btw did you use ph down etc… is itnbas if the ph is 7.5-8.0 like i had been almost always because thats the tap,water. At Netherlands and canada aka ok for plants but i think even better if ph down used. Its one of the best tap watwe but still. I dont drink tap water. and springwater. Ph is much better too like 7.0 and non fluoride.

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