1. Thanks for the great info Dan. Approximately how many other CBD oils did you compare this to? I’ve been using CBD oils in California, they have been nice but with extremely mild effects.

  2. Ok will I am very happy your turning into a CannabisVegan! How ever that Arua CBD Cannabis Its not Veganic! So that means that AuraCBD cannabis is not Vegan….. I am A Full Spectrum CannabisVeganic Technologist for over 28+years and I only grow & use and promote Veganic vegan Cannabis that I have grown and bread for 22 years. I have made the THCVA Molecule 8x time more powerful and relaxing with THCFA,THCZA, CBGA,CBCA, CBDA Raw form, also in activated THCV,THCF.THCZ as well CBG,CBC and CBD.Even a few more that i'll revile soon.. So Your on the right path how ever my FullSpectrum CannabisVeganic LogicLabs Compony is showing fare more Powerful out comes and its grown Veganic. CannabisVeganic is the Hope we all have been waiting for..Lets chat and I am getting ready to open classes, in a few weeks of Cannabis Veganic Growing. Stay tuned for more,I thank you for your time and have a good day! Love all you do friend Peace Love & TransCannabisVeganic Jazzy's Green Zen Garden! Hope for all is almost here and it's Vegan Veganic 1,000% of the time

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