1. GMOs crops spreading in other field may not be a problem in regular agriculture but is actually a real issue when it comes to organic farming, if GMOs crops are taken by the wind on an organic culture, the farmer can be accused to sell products wich doesn't follow the organic certfication rules without even knowing from where it comes from

    Even if on paper, GMO food is as good for your body as regular food, the crops are selles by companies making a lot of money with it and sometimes (like in India for example) selling non functionning seeds.
    I thinks it stays a lot of points to debate on and I hope you will maybe make a video on the economical and social impact of GMOs,

    Great Video, I love your content !!

  2. Selective breeding is totally diferent from directly modifing DNA ithing…GMO has not been here for thousands of years its been here for couple of decades only.This video is partialy wrong.

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