1. I think the CIA ameliorated the rise of Amazon, Google, Facebook etc. In return for access to their information. We will ensure you are the platform, in return you give us what we want. Amazon was just some shitty site ten years ago. Skype. They're recording everything about you and they can see and hear what you're saying. Facts.

  2. One question for Jeff Bezos. When has being obsessed with ANYTHING been healthy?

    Considering that is their business platform for not 'customers' but people. Everyday people like you and me. Your brother. sister, mother, father, grandmother and grandfather, your children are all customers or future customers in the eyes of Amazon. Whether they know or not. Whether they want to be or not. That is a terrifying prospect. FTC and FCC should step in immediately.

  3. Perhaps it's time to explore the possibility that we have a virtual world with no Bill of Rights. Life in the real world comes with certain laws that must be abided by.

    We're living in the free for all era in technology where anything goes. Things could settle down once there is some type of virtual Congress. But then the question is, "In what country are you actually operating in when you are online if those laws and by-laws are different than the law of the land where you live?"

  4. You don't like Amazon? You are redirected to some other seller? You hate Bezos? You don't agree with the philosophy? Find some other site to buy from.

    I was looking for a very specific item on Amazon. They did not have it and redirected me to sellers that had something similar, but not the same. I searched the 'net and found and purchased from someone else. Easy. The internet is an endless, literally endless, source of manufacturing, sales, production, distribution and information.

    You're watching this vid and being influenced by a partisan, non-profit, organization that is supposed to be free of funder influence. YOU are the problem.

  5. It amazes me how many people are clueless to Amazon's unfair and ruthless business practices and continue to support them. Not this guy, I've boycotted them for a while now will you join me? No more undercutting BS, support your local and or independent dealers! Let's put our money directly in the hands of good hardworking people not through Bezos and his cronies! They really don't care.

  6. Should we put statues up of bezos everywhere? Who knew capitalism would end up with a bunch of mini stalinist states called holding companies.

    not sure how we beat the USSR gulag system…

    but letting prisoners do the torture program leaves people with only themselves to blame,

    americas def the best in her class…

  7. This man is scary, has he bowed his knee to the Lord Jesus? What is it gain the whole world but lose your soul? I’d rather be a child of the living God then to be on this broad path to destruction….hell👹

  8. An example of the insanity of these rich people: he states, while in high school, that “the earth is finite“. Now he wants us to live on the moon. Hey Jeff, I got some news for you. The moon is about 1/80 the size of the earth. And space might be a nice place to visit. But nobody in their right mind would want to live there. There’s a reason there is an earth. It is conducive to human beings and keeping them alive. And all your crying about climate change Isn’t going to change that.

  9. I don’t mind someone becoming the richest man in the world or even making a ton of money. But, what I don’t like, is their intrusiveness into our own lives. I don’t want those people running my life dictating to me what my conscience should be. While I wouldn’t mind to be a billionaire. As a matter fact I think I would kind of like it. It seems to me that all these rich idiots become insane and think they should rule you and me just because they are rich. Just remember, us peasants will only take so much pushing.

  10. This is the same model WalMart uses. But it is the way humans have been treated since the beginning of time. Human labor is now being perfected, and due to technology and computer systems, analyzed and maximized We are in that transitional stage to a robotic workforce. Amazon, like WalMart, like most businesses that require a workforce, are trying to bridge that gap by getting the most out of their human labor, and to also replace them with robots wherever possible.

  11. Yep, always hated Jeff Bozo's. Never buy anything from amazon anymore. Go straight to walmart online store now and alternatives. Bunch of hypocritical ego centric executives there. Horrible products (pringles are always crushed and destroyed) horrible customer service. Not worth the hassle. Alexa is a piece of shit and never works so do all other attempts at AI. Not quiet there yet. I don't have alexa and will never use it unless it is open source and I can review the code and able to fork it out to make it truly secure. I welcome blockchain and decentralization of code and data through functional programming and smart contracts ensuring immutability. CIA, Amazon, NSA, Google, Facebook will be in a whole world of hurt when their entire eco system falls aparts and IM VERY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT and to contribute to it.

  12. Why do/did US’s biggest businesses & publishers(YT/FB/google claiming platform status & global dominating seller amazon,) contribute huge funds flocking to Pre/post POTUS Obama(doors down in BO’s KOLORAMA DC shadow govt neighborhood w media/intelligence impenetrable planning rooms?) employing DNC/DEM staff(eg Podesta) as “unbiased journalists” for newly owned WASHPO? Could DEMS protect for cash & Orwellian/Huxley type dystopian global control?

  13. 44:38 thru 45:56 Fact! Never the responsibility of the unaccountable CYA contractor not only here but all over the planet! Blame the 3rd party backdoor puppet. Tow the line you get to live nicely all over the world, but you endorse this killer you too will watch those you love die and you too will no longer be the useful idiot. Do I care about what will be done to me eventually? Not even close! She is mother and She will ensure this plan fails. Jeffrey Prescott Jorgensen and all silk suit minions it employs.

  14. Bezos might as well call himself Satan with that much money and he doesn't do even a fraction of what he could do if he had a heart which he doesn't. No one needs that much money, and the only reason he pretends to give to "charity" is because it is a write off, for example he just gave what 10 billion to combat climate change? What a total joke, if these rich assholes even had a clue they would know all you have to do to stop climate change is have the government quit spraying us, quit microwaving us all to death, and poisoning every damn thing. The governments are the ones altering the damn climate daily, and releasing bio weapons on the population like in China, and poisoning our water and food, and burning everyone out and murdering innocent people with their directed energy weapons. The only good news is there is a special place in hell for the likes of Gates and Bezos, and all the other scum who sold their souls for money. What's next murdering everyone with 5G WiFry and then blaming it on some bio weapon that escaped? Stay tuned, you rich assholes are not exempted from judgement none of us are.

  15. I like and use Amazon, What I like too is there are no forty year old smug tee shirt skate boarding teenagers doing whatever as at Facebook…..now there's a gazelle ready for the kill: It's show Business, Not show Friends I'd pay a dollar a sale to get Facebook clawed out of business.

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