Acknowledging Infidelity, ‘Ex On The Beach’ Former Cast Member Insists, ‘I’m Not The Villain You …

Acknowledging Infidelity, ‘Ex On The Beach’ Former Cast Member Insists, ‘I’m Not The Villain You …

Former “Ex on the Beach” cast member, Nelson, admits he cheated on his on-and-off-screen love interest, Angela, while the show was in production, but insists …


  1. Seriously I have completely lost any shread of respect for Dr Phil after he actually these total morons on his show smh..The world has so many issues going on and yet he allocated time to these two F grade reality show ponys.

  2. Nobody talking about the fact Angela and her sister were both on bad girls club season 15 , I kept seeing her and now I’m just like what happened sis is going through it she looks so beautiful don’t get me wrong but she knows she shouldn’t be breaking up with somebody 30 times in less than 6 or 8 months. Y’all not meant to be don’t force it for your sake. You fear for you safety red flag , RUN.

  3. I can't believe this is the girl from bgc fighting susu and her sister, she looks completely different, wow the surgery of it all! LOL!!! She was more mature few years ago, this new 'Angela' is childish n shallow af, am really disgusted…

  4. i dont understand why people who say that they "live for drama" or that "they love drama"; then when theyre in drama about themselves, they play victim. lmao bunch of spoiled little bitches.

  5. I dint know she still in a relationship on the 1st place. she forgot to wear her bra 🤣😂 and other side the guys teeth. If you are commited why do you want to show off your boobs to others? and that guys fake teeeth ? i mean for what?

  6. Not sure what everybody else is seeing but if you analyse body language and what they’re both saying you can clearly tell she’s having fun with the attention but they have BOTH hit each other and he showed doctor Phil that evidence and said he didn’t want to expose her. They are both as bad as each other as they’ve both treated each other horrifically but this show was clearly BIASED on making the man to be In the wrong which isn’t right as she got made to be a victim

  7. I live in rural Northwestern Colorado and where I live people are constantly doing drugs and stealing people's stuff and it's a free-for-all because people actually thrive on other people's drama here. My whole Community thrives on coal mining, manipulation drugs, thievery and Trailer Park Living. Check my town out on the internet I live in Craig Colorado Moffat County

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