1. I just picked this up for ps4 platinum editio I know nothing about farming. I am enjoying this game quite a bit. Thanks to your videos I know a lot more about farming. Thank you very much for your content.

  2. I’ve followed your steps for getting rid of weeds but for some reason there still in the fields and won’t go away, can you help please? Cheers. Great videos by the way, I watch everyone 👍

  3. Based on game updates and changes, you can weed with a weeder past stage 1 BUT, you WILL destroy your crops. Preventative spraying "sort of" works meaning if you spray immediately after seeding or planting and the weeds will NOT sprout at all. Herbicide is COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE with full grown weeds once the crop is fully ready for harvest. DEAD WEEDS EFFECT crop yield in game. Finally, planting grass next to a crop field simultaneously will result in weeds in the grass when spouted that cannot be removed in game based on a calculation bug,

  4. good video as normal very enjoyable to watch and pretty full of info HOWEVER one thing that is NOT realistic about the sprayer is on grass type plants such as wheat they are in the same family as weeds so the sprayer would really kill the crop aswell as the weeds

    idk about beans corn that stuff but im pretty sure grass family plants it will kill because i had a 10acre crop of weat last year irl and used a weed killer on it and it killed my crop and i was kinda pissed because i had put about 5k usd in some seed and a small planter and stuff and instead of making my own wheat it killed it and i lost 5k not that big of a deal because i had 30k saved up for it but it still hurt to pretty much throw 5grand out the window

  5. I’ve found that if you kill the weeds either weeder or spraying after sowing they don’t grow back. If you try killing them before sowing they just come back again afterwards. I’ve tested this a few times and I only have to spray/weed once. Hopefully this helps.

  6. I had an unusual situation last night, I had a field of soybeans. It had fully grown weeds in the last dark green growth stage of the soybeans crop.

    So the 4th dark green stage..

    I killed the weeds with herbicide, but the dead weeds still seen inside the crop…
    My yield was normally around 5,500 litres, but once I harvested said field my yield was reduces by 3 thousand litres for some reason.

    I'm wondering if I needed to kill the weeds at an earlier stage of the soybeans growth.


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